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About Me

SEO Expert Bangladesh, SEO Specialist in Bangladesh, SEO Consultant in Bangladesh

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

I'm Faruque who has vast and valid world class SEO experience in local and international arena regarding Digital Internet Marketing such as SEO, SMO, SMM, SEM , Affiliate Marketing, SEO friendly Website Development, On-Page, Off-Page Optimization for top listed Search Engine within very short period and very much knowledgeable about Internet Marketing Strategy to enhance your website all over the world to promote and reach your targeted audience quickly. Basically i'm highly experienced about Latest SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and know how to promote a business globally within very short amount of time. I know all of the major Search Engine update and how to fix the On-page and Off-page issue to rank your website! Me also expert on Digital Internet Marketing Specialist in Bangladesh and all over the world. I have near about 15 years of IT Experience regarding Software Development, Website Development and Online Marketing. I'm also the top SEO Service and Training Provider and know how to optimize a website properly in internet world. me and my team give you the better Internet Marketing Strategy to ensure your targeted audience and sales will be increase dramatically after get our effective SEO service as well. We also provide the SEO training for you to learn properly and how to develop a website SEO friendly. We know the Latest Search Engine Guideline and always follow and apply to our clients website. We also Work for Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing. We hope you will be more knowledgeable after reviewing the entire website. You are most welcome to visit our website and contact us any time. We will be happy if you have any query regarding SEO and related topics as well. Thank you very much to visit our website.

SEO Specialist in Bangladesh

Right now i am doing freelancing and consultancy in a famous IT company in Bangladesh and all over the world. i have vast experience on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) and major about the advance level SEO strategy as well. As a SEO specialist i've long term work experience about different branded company in UK, USA, Australia and many more country. in the meanwhile i've able to ranked and enhance their business successfully what they want for us! my success rate is 100% and done many challenging SEO project which was really very much tough to rank.

How to Become a SEO Professional in Bangladesh?

As a SEO Professional i'm always suggesting my student or client in proper way how to get more knowledge regarding SEO and latest search engine technique. We all of are very much well known that there is only one way is open that is internet where you can get entire information within very short time if you want to learn. By goggling we can build up our career easily if we wise to learn. Main things are proper dedication on exact what you want to do. Only internet is enough to learn SEO. In my opinion i had no teacher who gave me a proper line to learn SEO but i didn't stop my study, whole day and night i studied over online and gather lots of things which is very helpful to me.

SEO in Bangladesh?

It's very easy to say that the SEO trends are not a long term history in Bangladesh. Few people who knows about it's name back three to four years ago only and had no vast experience as well. We had mixed concept about SEO strategy and don't know how to proper SEO for a new website. Basically SEO in a continuous process you can compare as a tuning of a musical instrument. We need to always tuning the entire things time to time then you can get the best result as well. As a Bangladeshi we have vast and good experience around the SEO world. Some time we are able to show some extra ordinary performance then other countries SEO expert like India, UK, USA, Australia and many more. Bangladeshi SEO expects always charge the reasonable cost for SEO service and delivers the project on time with quality result.

Maintain Organic SEO?

One thing is very important to know about Organic SEO. It's very good practice for a SEO Expert/Specialist how to use organic SEO for his/her client's project. You should remember once you done organic SEO then it will never die for ever. Most of the Search Engine likes the organic SEO strategy. Please don't over optimize for your website, do the all task properly and follow the Search Engine guideline fro your service branding. Some time it will take few more months but it will be the permanent solution. Organic SEO result gives you the best result like a natural tree.