Free Article Submission Sites List

You may utilize the 50 article submission sites listed here to syndicate your material, create quality backlinks for off-page search engine optimization (SEO), increase traffic to your blog posts and articles, and more. This website is divided into two sections: the first portion contains the top 25 free article publishing sites you may use for your content marketing and SEO efforts, and the second section lists an additional 25 free article publishing sites, for a total of 50 article posting sites.

What Is Article Submission?

Article submission is the process of publishing your article on another website to generate high-quality backlinks to your website or blog. Article submissions are a type of off-page SEO technique that can help improve your website’s ranking position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The ability of the articles to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for their target keywords is another crucial part of article submission. This increases the visibility of your company's brand, gives you more space in the SERPs, and attracts more users who are searching for your goods and services to your website.

Once you've finished reading the list below, be sure to look at these additional recommendations for enhancing your articles' on-page and off-page SEO: How to use keywords in backlinks and how to include keywords into articles.

What Is the Best Article Submission Website?

The top 10 free article publishing sites that you can utilize to submit your articles are listed below in general. Scroll back up and click on those links to discover more about the other 15 top article publishing sites that are included in the table above. There are a total of 50 websites listed on this page that you may utilize to generate links for SEO purposes and increase traffic to your website.

Article Submission Site Website URL

1 Google Sites https://sites.google.com/

2 HubPages https://discover.hubpages.com/

3 EzineArticles https://ezinearticles.com/

4 Medium https://medium.com/

5 Quora http://quora.com/

6 ArticleBiz https://articlebiz.com/

7 My Articles https://myarticles.io/

8 Blogger https://www.blogger.com/

9 Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/

10 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/

11 Articles Factory http://www.articlesfactory.com/

12 Live Journal https://www.livejournal.com/

13 DZone https://dzone.com/

14 Sooper Articles https://www.sooperarticles.com/

15 Bored Panda https://www.boredpanda.com/

16 Amazines https://www.amazines.com/

17 Article Alley http://www.articlealley.com/

18 Article Seen https://www.articleseen.com/

19 Seeking Alpha https://seekingalpha.com/

20 Reddit https://www.reddit.com/

21 The Free Library https://www.thefreelibrary.com/

22 Vocal Media https://vocal.media/

23 Academia https://www.academia.edu/

24 Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/

25 Your Story https://yourstory.com/

You can utilize the following list of other free article submission websites to contribute your articles to external websites for off-page SEO and to increase traffic to your website:





















weebly.com (create your own article blog)

wordpress.com (create your own site)

yola.com (create your own article blog)

jimdo.com (create your own site)

fiverr.com (search for article submission gigs)

What Is the Best Article Submission Website?

Google Sites, HubPages, and EzineArticles are the top three websites for submitting articles. These article submission platforms feature a wide audience for reading content, rapid acceptance, and a high Domain Authority. The top 10 free article publishing sites that you can utilize to submit your articles are listed below in general. Scroll back up and click on those links to discover more about the other 15 top article publishing sites that are included in the table above. There are a total of 50 websites listed on this page that you may utilize to generate links for SEO purposes and increase traffic to your website.

1. Google Sites

The best article submission sites to use for syndicating your material for link building are Google Sites. With a Google Site, you have complete control over the website's design and article listing. Additionally, backlinks on your Google Site are high Domain Authority dofollow links. (Also read this linked article for instructions on how to perform effective SEO for Google Sites.)

2. HubPages
The second greatest free article submission service to add content to for SEO purposes is HubPages. On the website, users can create unique material and syndicate blog entries and articles. Additionally, you may enroll in the monetization program to generate income by placing advertisements within your content, which is advantageous for both off-page SEO and revenue generating.


One of the most well-known websites on the Internet for posting articles comes next on this list of article submission sites: EzineArticles. It has been active since 1999 and is still regarded as one of the best internet sources for boosting your website's visibility, authority, and traffic.

4. Medium

Another excellent article submission website is Medium, which you can use to grow your company's readership as well as get free backlinks. You can register on this website without charge and add any kind of written content you desire. You can learn how to use Medium for backlinks here and develop a complete Medium SEO strategy here.

5. Quora

One of the top article submission websites on the Internet is Quora thanks to its many features. First, even if the content has already been published on other websites, you submit articles as responses to people' inquiries. In order to contribute your blog posts and articles for SEO purposes and to increase website traffic, you can also create a personal Quora Space. Additionally, you can utilize Quora to develop links to your profile in a variety of ways. See these related articles on Quora SEO strategy and Quora backlinks for SEO.

6. ArticelBiz

One of the free article publishing websites is ArticelBiz, which enables you to republish blog posts and articles to increase exposure and website traffic. Users can read articles that have been contributed in a variety of categories, including family, business, home, sports & recreation, money, health & fitness, travel & leisure, and more.

7. My Articles

One of the most recent article uploading websites is My Articles, where you may share the world with your best tales, blog entries, and articles. This author-focused website aids in your search for other writers who share your interests so that you can collaborate on future guest posts for SEO prospects.

8. Blogger

Anyone can use Blogger, a free blogging platform offered by Google, to publish their articles, blog entries, and other unique content online. Additionally, the fact that Google owns this property means that it has a high Domain Authority rating. Furthermore, every link you build on your Blogger website is a dofollow backlink, which means it will pass the most link equity for off-page SEO.

9. Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that also allows for the uploading of articles in the blog style. Tumblr is a popular choice among link builders and SEO specialists because it allows for quick and simple backlink creation and it is free to use. If you're interested in optimizing your Tumblr blog for search engine optimization, check out these related guides on microblogging platforms and how to build Web 2.0 backlinks properly for SEO.

10. LinkedIn

You can create article contributions from your personal or business account on LinkedIn using a special function. You have the option to "Write an Article" instead of merely posting a new status update, which may be up to 125,000 characters long. This gives you lots of chances to demonstrate your subject matter expertise and knowledge while also providing hyperlinks for SEO and website traffic. Check out these related articles on constructing a LinkedIn SEO strategy here and creating LinkedIn backlinks for SEO here if you want to make the most of LinkedIn for your website and business.

Check out this list of additional free web submission sites if you want to ensure that the search engines are correctly crawling and indexing your website. The best website submission tools for online marketing are included. Visit this page on directory submission sites for additional free directories, this page on image submission sites for building SEO links using images and graphics, this page on infographic submission sites for data visualizations, this page on blog submission sites for submitting blog posts, this list of forum submission sites, this list of PDF submission sites, this page on ping submission sites, this list of PPT submission sites, this list of profile creation sites for creating personal profiles, the list of directory submission sites, and the list of directory submission sites.

Advantages of Article Submission Sites

Companies currently employ a variety of strategies to boost website popularity and boost organic traffic. They employ a variety of main strategies, including social media marketing, SEO, and emails. The methods employed depend on the kind of audience the business is trying to draw in.

Sites to Submit Free Articles with 200+ High DA

Content is the most important component of marketing for article sites, regardless of the strategy you employ. Since it is impossible to capture people's attention without compelling material. As a result, improving the blog's quality is crucial, and article submission websites can help. Additional Reading: List of 800+ Free Directory Submission Sites Additional benefits of article submission sites include the following:

1. Free Internet marketing: Most article submission venues let you include links to blog content within the body of the piece. You'll be able to use free marketing tools in this manner to advertise your goods. Additionally, it would assist you in obtaining more high-quality and reliable links for your blogs.

2. Increases Traffic: The links you include in the author bio box increase traffic to your website. You can acquire highly qualified conversion traffic to your blog once the content has been approved by the website owner. You can share or repost the information on a variety of social media platforms to increase your audience and sales.

3. Increases the legitimacy of your company: Article submission websites also allow you the chance to introduce yourself and your company in the author bio box located at the bottom of the article's body. You can use keywords and a thorough description to market your goods. You may also include a backlink to your blog in this field.

Therefore, including an author bio with an external link to your website to your article or blog submission on a third-party website aids in boosting the domain authority. You would gain from this because it would spread the word about your company.

4. Produce leads and sales: By using article submission websites, you may immediately produce leads for your blog and sales.

Points that make Article Submission Sites worth using

1. Keywords are the core of the content because they can broaden the audience for your website if they are used correctly. Useful keyword selection might increase the audience for your page.

2. Subject: Make sure your writing contains original and creative ideas. People will wait for it if your material is interesting and innovative, and your website's traffic will undoubtedly rise.

3. Publishing Medium: If you use good keywords and have attractive content, but your publishing medium is off, it will all be for naught. Select a top-notch publishing page to ensure that your blog receives the correct audience and grows in popularity.

What is the process for submitting articles?

Keep in mind that you must abide by all of the website's terms and conditions when you submit your high-quality articles to article directories. When submitting your material to them, there are a few factors to bear in mind, including:

Incorporate graphics or photos with high resolution. Observe the website's rules. Add a few backlinks to the article. Post fresh, original content. choose the appropriate category and tags. Write page titles and descriptions that are SEO-friendly.

How Do I Submit an Article to a Site That Accepts Submissions?

It's a really simple and uncomplicated method to submit an article to article submission platforms. Simply visit the website, look for the login page, and register. Because several article submission websites offer login options through Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc., you can also log in through a third party. After signing up, you can submit your article in the category that best fits it. Steps to take after submission and approval of the article

As was already mentioned, registering to submit an article is fairly easy, but make sure to go by all the rules. Once you have authorization from the specific article submission website, you can make your blog more visible by doing the following:

1. Search engine submission sites can employ the newly formed backlinks you receive from article submission websites.

2. You can send a message or make contact with the recently built backlinks to have them swiftly indexed by several search engines.

3. To make the process of increasing the blog's visibility more efficient, bookmark your hyperlinks using various bookmarking websites and your social media accounts that are already active.

4. People have been seen to favor visual content over written content. As a result, many video submission websites have lately come online, allowing you to transform content into videos before uploading it. These were a few of the major advantages of these websites, therefore it is advised.

What are DoFollow Article Submission Sites?

These websites give search engines the ability to slither—that is, to travel slowly to the same website where you receive the backlinks—by following a link to an external website. Websites that accept article submissions also assist in improving your website's or blog's visibility across a number of search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. You can utilize a variety of free High DA DoFollow article submission platforms to your advantage.

What are High DA Article Submission Sites?

Based on security, traffic, backlinks, trust, age, and domain, Moz's algorithm gives these websites a high value for domain authority. If you can gain a few backlinks from them, they have a significant impact on search engine rankings.

Your web pages will appear more prominently on search engine results pages if you link to high DA websites. The worth of the domain's authority and ranking in search engine result pages will improve even if you only receive one backlink from a high DA article director.

Other Article Submission Sites List

Number DoFollow Article Submission Sites
1 articles.h1ad.com
2 story.wallclassifieds.com
3 article.classifiedsfactor.com
4 bloggersroad.com
5 seekingalpha.com
6 hubpages.com
7 ehow.com
8 biggerpockets.com
9 brighthub.com
10 zeenews.tech
7 abpnews.tech
8 articlesbase.com
9 articlecube.com
11 magportal.com
12 buzzle.com
13 examiner.com
14 squidoo.com
15 apsense.com
16 fortunetelleroracle.com
17 Thefreelibrary.com
18 Sooperarticles.com
19 Articlesfactory.com
20 Abilogic.com
21 articlespromoter.com
22 articleseen.com
23 warticles.com
24 articlesss.com
25 articlepole.com
26 articlesubmited.com
27 webpronews.com
28 sharehealthtips.com
29 idleexperts.com
30 jumparticles.com
31 articlecatalog.com
32 articlealley.com
33 articlesbd.com
34 evancarmichael.com
35 articleside.com
36 dreampirates.us
37 trickyenough.com
38 selfgrowth.com
39 prolinkdirectory.com
40 articlecity.com
41 netezinearticles.com
42 articles.abilogic.com
43 articlesforwebsite.com
44 bilalarticles.com
45 galoor.com
46 webmasterslibrary.com
47 articleslist.net
48 article1.co.uk
49 ourblogpost.com
50 articlecede.com
51 openarticles.com
52 uberarticles.com
53 otherarticles.com
54 awebcity.com
55 upublish.info
56 articlesnatch.com
57 howto-tips.com
58 articlebliss.com
59 realestateproarticles.com
60 articlicious.com
61 threadwatch.org
62 loudpages.com
63 writeupcafe.com
64 facearticle.com
65 ezinemark.com
66 myseoarticle.com
67 guestsposting.com
68 webwire.com
69 mazines.com
70 ghrankdirectory.com
71 articleted.com
72 articlegeek.com
73 streetarticles.com
74 marketmyarticle.com
75 guest-articles.com
76 articlization.com
77 articlebiz.com
78 github.com
79 articlerich.com
80 howtoadvice.com
81 blog.giganticlist.com
82 articleant.com
83 webproworld.com
84 articleclick.com
85 earticlesonline.com
86 homment.com
87 articleblast.com
88 articleslash.net
89 libervis.com
90 top7business.com
91 123articleonline.com
92 sheil.newsvine.com
93 andrey-cruz.livejournal.com
94 marketinginternetdirectory.com
95 knowpia.com
96 sitepromotiondirectory.com
97 a1articles.com
98 ganzok.com
99 articletrader.com
100 topsitenet.com
101 articlemonkeys.com
102 leasedadspace.com
103 yooarticles.net
104 goodinfohome.com
105 techmanik.com
106 bpubs.com
107 usalistingdirectory.com
108 upstartblogger.com
109 articlecell.com
110 businessseek.biz
111 go2article.com
112 learnloftblog.com
113 seoforums.me.uk
114 approvedarticles.com
115 dime-co.com
116 edarticle.com
117 weeno.com
118 onlinearticlessubmission.com
119 articlecompilation.com
120 gruks.com
121 searcharticles.net
122 bestezines.com
123 highrankdirectory.com
124 ukinternetdirectory.net
125 articledoctor.com
126 freesticky.com
127 simplysearch4it.com
128 traveltourismdirectory.net
129 informationbible.com
130 myarticle.com
131 easyarticles.com
132 populararticles.com
133 qwesz.com
134 bysharing.com
135 excellentguide.info
136 articlestars.com
137 netarticleshack.com
138 thepr.com.au
139 articles411.com
140 new-list.com
141 howitworks.net
142 ladypens.com
143 thecontentcorner.com
144 24by7articles.com
145 altegen.com
146 tongshu.net
147 foreverdoomed.com
148 velog.io
149 articlefree4all.com
150 zigyasu.com
151 submitanarticle.info
152 articlegold.com
153 afreearticle.com
154 articlejoe.com
155 datasoftsystem.com
156 ezine-articles-planet.com
157 yesarticles.com
158 articleclick.info
159 ezinearticles.org.uk
160 umumble.com
161 ezinepost.com
162 articlet.com
163 ezinehub.com
164 articlepool.info
165 expertarticles.com
166 articlesupport.com
167 thewhir.info
168 thehealthyvillage.com
169 article-diary.com
170 olmaweblinkdirectory.com
171 readezarchive.com
172 adarticles.net
173 articledesk.info
174 writeonwall.com
175 addmyarticles.com
176 articlerealm.com
177 accessinfohub.com
178 hubpages.info
179 postarticles.com
180 selfseo.info
181 writerspenarticledirectory.com
182 contentarticles.com
183 thetexasjobsource.com
184 101articles.com
185 smarticledirectory.com
186 articlesdir.org
187 sdcouncil.com
188 articlecontentking.com
189 articlekit.com
190 nehoiu.org
191 seosubmitarticle.com
192 thefreelibrary.info
193 wellnessarticlelibrary.com
194 e-topic.com
195 mymedicenter.com
196 acme-articles.com
197 jazzylook.com
198 allinclusivelinks.com
199 articleswale.com
200 wall2wallarticles.com
201 articlewale.com
202 freearticlestore.com
203 textiledegree.com
204 articleswarm.com
Business opportunities from Free Article Submission Sites

You must be constant with the guest posting if you have a long-term business goal. People may contact you and look for your website if your content is well-researched and establishes strong relationships with article submission services. Additionally, the more high-quality blogs you publish, the more websites will regard you as an authority in your subject and begin disseminating your knowledge broadly. Your credibility would rise as a result, and more readers would become aware of you. Therefore, in the future, if people require any of these goods or services, they will think of your company first.

Although increasing a website's ranking and traffic has become quite difficult, thanks to ongoing advancements in search engine quality algorithms, it is now rather simple. Bloggers and individuals must employ the proper marketing methods, much as large corporations. Some of the most powerful and efficient off-page SEO tactics are free article submission platforms and high-quality backlinks. Utilizing these websites would increase the readership and exposure of your blog. The best aspect is that you may raise your search engine rating without spending any money because it is free.