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Google Disavow System Case Study

google disavow case study, Recovery using the Google Disavow Tool

Today we would like to discuss about Google Disavow Case Study and how to rank a website by using Google guideline. There is no doubt that Google is the best Search Engine in the world. It's enough to say Google search result is more trustable and usable than the others Search Engine like Bing, Ask and major Search Engine as well. Google always give us a guideline how to optimize a website and rank properly on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If anyone does not follow the Google Guideline then have a change to plenty in many ways. So we have to be very much careful during SEO for your projects or website. We give you some extra ordinary tips regarding this matter. We hope that you will be benefited if you follow the ways what we shared as below.

How to Relieve from Google Penalty

1. Properly On page optimization. Don't pushing any keyword many times in a same page. Always maintain the proper keyword density while you write an article for your proposed website.

2. Content should be relevant and meaningful to people not for Search Engine manipulation. Google like good amount of content which is enough to get a high rank and your site will be always visible on the top position on Search Engine.

3. Forcefully keywords stuffing are also avoidable and maintain a standard procedure for targeted keyword.

4. Always provide your article resourceful, meaningful and useful for user who will get unlimited information at a glance and try to share few good examples on your article which will empathies the entire things. If your content is so powerful then user must bookmark your website and always refer to others.

5. During link while process you must provide a good amount of content and always back link to your mother site and others web 2 properties then Search Engine will treat you a resourceful website. My observation at list 2000 words is enough to write a good article for a single topic.

6. Always express the advantages of your services and some effective case studies and possible reference like that should be more trustful for user and they will return your website and share to others.

7. Avoid irrelevant and thin content for your website and web 2 properties where you want to link while process for your proposed website.

8. Don't provide your website related content on the unfamiliar blog or forum where your website has a chance to penalize.

9. Don't try to link building from porn and adult site if your website is not familiar.

10. If your website is English, don't try to make a link building from other non-English website then Search Engine will give you a penalized.

11. Don't try to make a link from ghost network website.

12. Always monitor your website by using Google Webmaster tool and ensure that your all link is not harmful.

13. Always check you back like from back link checker tools.

14. Suspicious back link must have to Disavow from Google webmaster tool.

15. Always monitor your backlink and check that authority power. Don't make any backlink from poor authority website.

16. Don't use any automated software which is create back link. Always try to create manually then it will be permanent.

17. Try to take back link from .edu and .gov and authority site to get more authority power for your website.

18. Don't copy any content from others website then has a chance to penalize and your site will never show on the first position on Search Engine Result page.

19. Avoid 404 or broken link.

20. Try to use inbound link on your website as much as you can.

21. Social Media is another strong platform where you can interact directly with your clients and represent your services easily.

22. Social book mark also help your to express your services globally.

Recovery using the Google Disavow Tool

One of my client came to me why his website traffic is dramatically fall down without any reason. I just told him to provide his webmaster tools credential and website all links which he made before. That time he informed he gave someone to do SEO for his project. I note down all previous history and analysis the entire things. During my analysis I got his site panelized by Google for suspicious link building. His site had more than 4000 links which is come from different spamming website. Few of them are generate 100 links from a single website. After reviewing the entire site I got lots of harmful link and lastly decided to remove the link by using Google Webmaster Tools where have an option to Disavow. I sent the all suspicious link to Google for reconsideration and wait around 2 weeks, after that I got a message Reconsider the process and the site will get back the rank very soon. After that my Client is very happy and gets back his rank and traffic. I just told him do not give your SEO project to any black hat SEO service provider company. If you do this then your website will be panelized again and again and your business will be down going within very short period.