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SEO Expert in Bangladesh

SEO Expert in Bangladesh have outstanding reputation all over the world. Recently Odesk declared near about 70% successful SEO job done by Bangladeshi SEO Professional. Bangladeshi SEO Expert providing world class service and really know how to promote a site on the net within a very short time. I would like to share few important tips for beginners who wanted to work around this area.

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How to choose the real SEO expert in Bangladesh?

If you want to choose a genuine and real Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert in Bangladesh then you have to query few major things which is a must to get a real SEO Expert or specialist.

How to choose a real SEO expert or Specialist for your proposed website.

At first ask about his previous SEO projects and how he was handle that project.

Tell him about his success history around this SEO job.

Ask the Major Top listed Search Engine Guideline and rules.

Did he know what Google like or dislike.

Tell him which rules and guideline he follows during his SEO job.

How long he wants to promote a website in a certain position on Search Engine.

Tell about Organic SEO strategy and how to apply those on a website.

Does he know White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat SEO technique and it's positive and negative impact for a particular website.

How will he On page and Off Page Optimization for a website.

Which technique he likes to get the targeted audience.

How to Advance keyword research of a website.

How long his experience around SEO sector.

Does he know the keyword density and its impact?

Does he know the latest search engine methodology?

Does he know about Google all major update recently?

Tell him how to reputation and brand management for a website.

Does he know the negative SEO impact?

Does he know the competitor analysis and select the targeted audience.

What will be the reporting and monitoring process for a particular website?

This is the very much related queries when you want to hire a SEO expert in Bangladesh to get the better result within a short period. As a SEO expert I am suggesting you to hire a person who has exact and valid knowledge around this sector and what are the Major Search Engine Update and able to apply the Organic SEO process. At first he has to know the Basis Search Engine algorithms and should be the dedicated and know how to entire content make more SEO friendly then Google will love your site and easily index on time.

Very Important SEO Tips

At first I just talk around on page missing and what should be needed for a good site structure. Need to find out all types of code level problem like site link title, ALT, anchor text missing and many more. Do not forget to use H1, H2, H3, and H4 for your header title. If needed then use permalink for each site link, some time you can use mod rewrite or url rewrite for each link. Link should be relevant to you title and topics of the article.

Use you keywords perfectly. Do not excite the limit of keyword. Just follow the keyword density rules. My opinion it will be fine if you use 5-10% keyword on your particular article in a page.Do not push more keyword on Meta keyword and Meta description as well as page title. You must follow the character limitations of each field.Do not over optimization by using duplicate content all over the site. Try to make internal link on the whole site. One thing remembers Google like unique and relevant content. Some times SEO Expert saying content is the king and link is the queen. Always target low competitor keyword and long tails keyword for the Meta keyword. Do not copy any content from another site. If you do this then Google will negative marking for your site and your site will never show on the first page on Google or others search engine.

My opinion GIF/JPEG is more SEO friendly then flash. We can convert flash animated logo into GIF format. It does not mean that we will never use flash. if needed to use flash file then it should be embedded by JavaScript for search engine readable.

Why SEO is important for a new website

Is SEO is important for a new website? Why SEO is more important for a new website? Both questions have a meaningful answer. YES SEO is more important for the new site because a new website need to promote quickly about it is activities within very short time. Otherwise no one will do not know about your site and your company activities. So i think you got the point why you need to SEO for your new website? Not only new website you need to fine tuning for your old website too. Because SEO will never die. On penguin update SEO expert values is dramatically increase. Day by day SEO sector will be more popular the others jobs area. Anyway come to the point why we will SEO for our newest website? One thing remembers Google spider will never index you site if it is not so much structured and informatics. So at first you need to optimize properly to get hi visibility

SEO, SEM, SMM Expert or Specialist In Bangladesh

As a digital marketing strategy we always have known the updated algorithms of Google and top listed search engine. Recently Google published Google penguin and panda update. We always follow the Google latest guideline and maintaining the white hat and ethical SEO practice as well.

Our Internet Marketing strategy as below:

1. Website structure and load time Analysis

2. SEO Friendly Structure and navigations

3. Website & Keywords Research Analysis

4. Competitor and Market Research Analysis

5. On Page Optimization

6. Off Page Optimization

7. SMM(Social Media Marketing)

8. SMO (Social Media Optimization )

9. Traffic & Lead Conversion, Branding Stuffs)

10. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

11. All PPC - Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook

12. Quality Link Building

13. Back Linking Generation - 1 way, 2 way

14. Local SEO

15. Global SEO

16. Google Places

17. Traffic Generation Blogging

18. Forum Posting Articles

19. Commenting and all Social Media Optimization

20. Article and Content Writer

21. Blogging

We maintaining the below Web Analytics

1. Analytics (Google Analytics, Statcounter, WebTrends) Monitoring and Reporting

2. Google Webmaster tools

3. Funnel and Goal Setup, Conversion Monitoring

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

5. Social Media Analytics

6. Competitive and Demographics Analytics

Our Expertise

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