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SEO Expert or Specialist in Bangladesh

Bangladesh SEO Expert or Specialist www.mrfaruque.com has high world class experience around SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMO(Social Media Optimization), SEM(Social Media Optimization), SMM(Search Engine Marketing). Mr.Faruque have outstanding reputation all over the world. Recently Odesk announced there are near about 70% successful SEO job has been done from Bangladeshi SEO Professional who are really expert online marketing. Bangladeshi SEO Expert providing world class service and really know how to promote a website within a very short time. We also provide the best SEO solution for your proposed website. So don't miss the chance to get the best and cost effective outstanding result from us. You are most welcome to visit our office to discuss more regarding SEO and also your website. We are realy to serve the best solution for your proposed website as well.

Why Bangladeshi SEO Expert is the Best?

Bangladeshi SEO Consultancy Companies has very high skilled manpower to do the SEO jobs properly.

SEO expert in bangladesh mrfaruque.com

How to Optimized your websites or pages

Actually it is very easy to optimize a webpage if you follow the tips as i mentions on the entire website. Here i would like to share few important tips for beginners who wanted to work around this area.At first I'm describing few on page optimization missing and what should be needed for a good site structure.

Need to find out all types of code level or On page Optimization problem like site link title, ALT, anchor text missing and many more. Do not forget to use H1, H2, H3, and H4 for your header title. If needed then use permalink for each site link, some time you can use mod rewrite or url rewrite for each link. Link should be relevant to you title and topics of the article.

SEO consultant in Bangladesh mrfaruque.com

As a SEO consultant in Bangladesh we would like to suggest few major things which should be need for your site to get the first position on the search engine result page that is called (SERP).

How to Optimize a Website Properly

Use the targeted keyword perfectly. Do not excite the limit of keyword. Just follow the keyword density rules. My opinion it will be fine if you use 5-10% keyword on your particular article in a page.Do not push more keyword on Meta keyword and Meta description as well as page title. You must follow the character limitations of each field.

Do try to over optimization by using duplicate content all over the site. Try to make internal link on the whole site. One thing remember Google always like unique and relevant content. Some times SEO Expert saying content is the king and link is the queen.Always target low competitor keyword and long tails keyword for the Meta keyword.

Do not copy any content from another site. If you do this then Google will negative marking for your site and your site will never show on the first page on Google or others top listed search engine as well.

My opinion don't use any java script or Flash file . Always remember GIF or JPEG is more SEO friendly then Flash. We can convert flash animated logo into GIF format. It does not mean that we will never use flash. if needed to use flash file then it should be embedded by JavaScript for search engine readable.

One things is very important always maintain the keyword density. if you violet the percentage of keyword density then your web site have a chance to kick out from the top listed search engine for ever.

Always maintain a good content or article for your site relevant. don't write any gurbage content for your site. it will be very harmfull and your site will never index on the major search engine. try to write big article for the revevant topics. some time you can write 400-800 words for your service or product. Google or major search engine like unique and bid article.