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What is On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is one of the essential part of SEO. Without proper on-page optimization you can't expect a good result from top listed search engine. now a days people pay more attention regarding on-page optimization because if you don't able to done on-page stuff as per search engine guidelines then your website will not be rank within very short time. so you need to know what is the major task regarding on-page optimization at all.

At first we will go for on-page optimization which will make your website more meaningful, SEO Friendly, Easy to navigate and able to rank on top listed search engine as well.

1. On-Page Optimizations and it’s benefits

On-page is one of the vital and important factors to reach your targeted audience to boost up your website in top listed search engine for your Web services. On-page is totally code or inside of website activity related. Before start off-page SEO we will check up all of those things which are needed to fix up to enhance your website to Search Engine. We always follow the latest search Engine Guideline and very much sound how to proper optimization.

a. Title optimization (Easy to recognize your identity what every it's a main pages or link pages. each and every pages should be more informative regarding your website URL)

b. Meta tag optimization (Boost Up your Pages to search engine if you able to use a proper meta tag link meta description, meta keywords)

c. Image optimization (Image or photo naming to recognize for search engine)

d. Inbound link optimization (better User experience)

e. Out bound link optimization

f. Anchor optimization (Properly linkup with internal and external link)

g. Alt tag optimization (Photo Optimization)

h. H1-H6 tag optimization (For more structured and SEO friendly pattern)

i. Keywords Density proper utilization (For white level SEO)

j. Resourceful unique and relevant content for each services with proper content optimization (Useful resource is the key point of your business success)

k. Website proper navigation and fix the on-page issue if needed (More user and search engine friendly)

l. Load time check before off-page optimization (Load time should be tolerable for good rand because load time is the key of success for your website promotion )

m. Page to be optimization with URL Mapping

n. SEO friendly navigation

o. 301 redirection (301 is the way to redirect the pages if needed)

p. 404 not found fix up (All 404 not found page need to be fix during On-Page optimization)

q. Robots.txt creation

r. Xml sitemap creation and submit to Google webmaster tools (Easy to index for search engine)

s. Google/bing/ yahoo Analytics setup and monitoring on time (monitoring and progress of visitors)

t. W3c validation (code level bug fixing)

u. Code minimize if needed (unnecessary code should be minimized if needed)

v. Css validation checkup if needed

w. And others things should be incorporate if needed.

What is Off-Page Optimization

Off-page is one of the vital and effective way to boost up your search result within very short period. All those activities will be perform out side of website or pages. most of the things are submission related.

2. Off-page Optimization and it’s benefits

After competition on-page optimization we will go for off-page optimization to boost up your website service all over the world. We will submit your services in different platform to enhance your business globally. Here we are offering little important part regarding your website promotion organically. We always follow the search engine rules during off-page optimization

a. Manual search engine submission (effective for your website because all search engine need to index your entire pages to enhance your business globally)

b. Article writing and submission (Relevant content is the focal point of a good website)

c. Social media involvement / social bookmarking submission (interact directly with clients)

d. Facebook , twitter and others social media page boost up (Grab more visitor and enhance your business in social platform)

e. Face book fan page create (user can see your all service and communicate with you if needed)

f. Google Plus account creation and regular posting regarding web Services related Post

g. Youtube video channel create and video upload

h. Youtube Video sharing in Google Plus, facebook, Twitter and other platform (Youtube is very much powerful tools for promote your website within very short period because all youtube channel video can be share at list 20 social platform where have a chance to get large number of visitors shortly)

i.Private Blog Network (PBN) creation (PBN is one of the strong and popular network system where you can blogging your website and enhance the search engine that you are the exact Web services as well)

j.Link wheel submission (free blogging to enhance search engine and get a back line)

Search engine submission (Index to search engine within very short period)

k.Article submission (Have a chance to illustrate all those things at a glance)

l.Directory submission (indexed your website with good description)

m.Blog posting (able to provide your services in details)

n.Forum commenting (if needed then you can comment others message and able to put your

o.service and express your product or services)

p.Classified advertisement posting (free advertisement)

q.Press release creation and distribution (user will be know about your services and upcoming event as well)

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On-page and Off-page Optimization importance

You need to make sure that your all on-page and off-page stuff has been done appropriately. Once you done both things then you must be able to rank your respective website within very short period.