Md. Abdullah Al Faruque

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Hello guys I’m Md. Abdullah Al Faruque, a professional SEO Expert in Bangladesh and an Organic white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh. I’m also Digital Marketer certified by GOOGLE DIGITAL MARKETINGGOOGLE ANALYTICS, and full-time INBOUND CERTIFIED. I’ve 16 years of world-class Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social media Marketing, Google AdWords PPC management, Amazon Affiliate Marketing experience since 2006. Besides me also a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trainer to build a freelancing career to earn money online from top-listed freelancing platforms and providing Exclusive SEO and Digital Marketing guides to others who are very much desperate around this industry!

By birth I’m Bangladesh, the home district is Pabna, North Bangel, Rajshahi. Right now live in Dhaka city since 1993. My Family origin is Pabna and living with us in Dhaka. I’ve completed my graduation in Computer Science from a Private University then started an IT job in many reputed Local and Multinational and reputed IT companies as an IT Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Web application development, Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, ERP development, Project Management, Online Reputation Management, Brand Management.

Hire an SEO expert in Bangladesh

You will get my site on Google using”SEO expert in Bangladesh” in the first position on Google My Business! Just Trust my service because I’ve 16 years of valid experience in this industry. Are you looking for an SEO expert who can liable to rank your website? If yes I can help with your business promotion within a very short period. In the modern era of the internet, everyone wants to be a successful businessman in the virtual world. I’m following the latest Google Algorithm to rank better for my potential clients.

Let’s talk about my hidden things with you. Right now I’ve opened an IT company Web For Solution Ltd. whois is located at Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I’ve more than 20 years of IT experience and 16 years of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing all over the world.

Let’s talk about my expertise, the last 16 years I’m following the Google guideline and strategy which is very much white level and ethical SEO to bring your website position on top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). I’m very much confident to rank your website on to position on Google? For sure Yes, you are in the right place and you will get my website on Google search as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh who has done 2100 SEO projects globally with a good reputation since 2006. According to Google, I’m Top SEO expert in Bangladesh and very much experience in the Local and International SEO industry! I can ensure to grab your potential audiences to grow your online business more meaningful!

Why I can say SEO is one of the most powerful mechanisms or methods that help your sales and trustworthiness to your potential audiences dramatically.  Actually SEO process concentrates your website more organized because during SEO you need to follow up on the latest Google guideline which is very much effective to rank your website! A good quality website means 100% unique content, well negotiations, SEO-friendly structure, proper keyword optimization, good load time, google domain authority backlink maintenance and few other things that need to follow up to rank a website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Before hiring an SEO expert you need to hire the right one who has valid and real-life work experience. So try to ping me once you would like to get our best quality SEO services!



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  • E-commerce SEO
  • Organic SEO Services
  • Site Audit
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Why SEO needed for your business!


Save Your Money & Times

SEO Expert in Bangladesh knows the exact SEO guideline to boost-up a website for your targeted audience! Time and money are some of the valid factors during organic SEO because here is a huge change to rank your website to grab your penitential clients. We always like to say not to go for paid marketing if you are new in this industry. At first, you need to do organic SEO to reach a satisfactory level then go for another marketing strategy!


Global Rank Enhancement

SEO consultant can attract your audience to make leads for online business! As an SEO and Digital service business enterprise, our company of search engine optimization professionals spends amazing time every day with the technical search engine advertising and marketing audit, key-word research, On-page, and Off-page optimization to offer for our customer’s need every day to sustain in the virtual world!


Enhance Your Brand Value

SEO Expert can promote your website on the top of Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO added extra value which is very much effective to express your company’s brand value all over the world! We always offer a better SEO service for your upcoming SEO projects! Who would like to rank on locally they are most welcome to take our services within a very small budget! You can choose our effective and low-cost SEO packages!

Why Hire Me as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

Why Hire Me?

I never compromise with quality SEO services, because always keep update me and surfing thousands of SEO journals, communities, blogs, forums to gather resourceful information. As per my observation, the majority of SEO services provider companies don’t know the exact things what is the hidden secret of the top Search Engines Algorithm and how it works. My suggestion to be honest concentrate on your lead and ROI(Return of Investments) which is very much important to the presence in the virtual world. YES, I can say you are the right place to boost up your website ranking shortly from us. Besides I also doing social media marketing, if you would like to know more about how to get 10000+ traffic please have a look at Numbers

Nowadays millions of online-based services are down-going causes of hiring the wrong SEO team. Just be with us to bring your website to the next level and you will be tension-free! My one dialog for you “Makes your business meaningful from us“!

I’m always ensuring ranking of your website to get more relevant traffic to enhance your business up to the top next level by following the latest Search Engine algorithm, technique, guideline, updates and it could be a white hat method. As a top-listed SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I keep promising to rank your site on Google, Bing, and others Search Engines!

10 explanations disclose the entire things why you need a Search Engine Optimization expert for your online presence on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You can hire SEO Consultant for your upcoming projects. Does every client have some observation why I’ll hire MrFaruque.com team? Yes, today I’m sharing with you guys why you will hire me? I’ve 17 years of SEO and digital marketing experience which is very rare in this industry. I’ve proven and 2100+ SEO projects experience with a good reputation all over the world. I also know how to make a website more SEO-friendly structure, Load time optimization, E-commerce website SEO, all most 500+ different type of SEO experiences which will be added a point to hire me. So, you guys must be benefited once you hire for your upcoming website too!

As per Google rank monitor, you can get top 10 SEO Experts in Dhaka Bangladesh I’m one of them who can help to bring the website first page with real lead. My dedication ensures the client’s success in any industry! During my services, I’m very much helpful to my honorable clients and pay more attention and trace out the entire things which is very much important to drive his/her online success to sustain around the industry! My goal is to make your business more meaningful from Us! Everybody knows technological advancement is bringing numerous changes in the life of modern individuals. The world has advanced to such an extent that it is now like a global village. One such advancement is evident in the form of SEO. SEO service provider companies in Bangladesh can assist you in many ways. Every company or business belonging to the age of information technology is trying to make its way on the very first page of the search engines. They try to rank first and for that, SEO is very important.

Now a day’s news SEO strategy influences your website rank and able to strive for the old opponent all the time. Because new is very much organized and able to keep update timely. I’ve got a few valid and real explanations around this matter. let’s illustrate a state about a successful story. Mr. Mark has an online business promotional eCommerce site with good quality of products, support center, outstanding website features but at the end of the day he is not getting huge sales because of his competitors who are better ranking positions and have a good sell in many connections.

My question why Mr. Mark unable to grab his industry? He had some drawback because a good sense of knowledge regarding internet marketing process or strategy and unable to hire the right guys, SEO professional, and don’t have a good and real-time SEO professional who is very much knowledge around keyword research, keywords difficulty calculation and they don’t keep update according to digital marketing concept.

So, you need to hire a genuine SEO expert who has details knowledge about Google and others search engine ins and outs at a glance to rank a website like a play a game with his competitors. In my opinion, you guys need to hire an SEO professional, consultant or expert who can ensure to rank as a good Search Engine Optimization expert in Bangladesh!

It’s very much important for an SEO expert who is very much confident and good skills on analyze trends in Search Engine algorithms and follow-up the entire competitor’s website SEO strategy too. So, at last, Mr. Mark observing all of the points than going to hire an SEO guy who has all those qualities and has proven skills too. So, don’t be late to hire an SEO Company of SEO experts in Bangladesh for the betterment of your organization!

World class expertise:

We are your proven digital consulting, design, development, partner. From my 16 years of valid and real-life SEO experience around the Digital Marketing industry which is very much rare in the Bangladesh community. I’ve worked on the various websites SEO to rank local and internationally and grab huge ideas and challenges during my work. You will get exceptional experiences once I’ll make an SEO plan or technical proposal for your business or money website! My SEO task and report procedure are world-class and maintaining the high-level formation which is very much clear how your website will drive on the internet world, sometimes I can giving the expected time table to rank a website as per client’s specification. My working process is very much clean, transparent, resourceful, helpful, meaningful, effective cause I do better SEO audit, keyword research, goal setting, lead ensure, quality backlink, content rewrite, website performance check, fixing all those bugs which is very worst for a website.

Why I'm SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

Always I’ve like to spend my valuable time around SEO and Digital Marketing to provide a better outcome for my client’s business because still now I’m learning lots of things from the internet. Actually, there is no way to learn from Google, only Google providing the better SEO technique and shares all things properly! Expertise around the below point which is mandatory to become an SEO expert or consultant! I hope all those points will help you know my expertise strongly.

What is do during SEO?

Keyword Research

Keyword Research for your competitor
Find out Target Niche
Select Targeted Keyword in Right way
Brain Storming & Keyword Finding
Pick Right Keyword to Research
Implement Target Keyword in each Web Page
During SEO Audit Used a Lot of Free & Paid Tools if Needed
Competitor Analysis for your clients

On-Page SEO

Make a list for On-Page optimization for your website
On-site optimization basic
URL structures and page creation in SEF(Search Engine Friendly)
Page titles in a proper way
Meta descriptions with targeted keywords
Meta keywords with perfect combinations
Images Optimization properly
H1-H6 tags use on every page
Internal/Inbound Linking
Page optimization will be properly
User experience and analysis
Information architecture needs to incorporate properly
Sitemaps and XML sitemap creation
Canonical Issue solution in a proper way
Google page Speeds and Gt-matrix issue fixing

Off-Page SEO

Google MY Business Page creation, Maps, etc.
Link building with high DA
Search Engine Submission Regularly
Local Citation is a must
Profile Link Building in the right way
Social Book Marking
Add Blog Comment
Edu & govt. Links
Classified Ads
Content marketing
Forum Posting
Web 0.2
Q. & A.
Outreach, Article Submission, and online PR

Advanced Technical SEO

Search Engines Crawl & Index
SEO copy-writing (Search Engine friendly content)
W3C validation
UI & UX Suggestion
Google Search Console
Google Analytics use and followup
Google Disavow tool if needed
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM Fundamentals
Data Feed Creation
Campaign, Group & Ad Set-Up
Audience Creation
Re-targeting & Re-marketing List Creation
Dynamic Ads (DPA) Set-Up
Search AD (Text Ad Set-Up)
Image Ads (GDN) Set-Up
Perfectly Optimize AD

SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Facebook Marketing
Social Media Basics
LinkedIn Marketing
Twitter Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Reddit Marketing
Social Media Paid Advertisement

Giving 100% ranking assurance:

Exact SEO skilled guy can ensure and give assurance if he has a valid and extraordinary talent among that industry knowledge clearly! Yes, you can say about me I’m the guy who almost ensures the website rank in any industry but depends on the client’s effort because sometimes the client doesn’t like to wait till ranking. After hiring an SEO guy or team they want to rank instantly even overnight, I’m asking those clients to go for paid marketing to make leads and revenue instant. Our organic SEO process takes a little bit more time to rank your website on top positions in Google because the organic SEO process is not so easy to rank quickly it depends on competitor’s strength and how much they get link juice from high-quality back-link sites as well. So, if you come to me then you must keep some patience and I’ll give you to rank in time.

I’m sharing all those things 100% Clear:

As a Top positioning SEO service in Bangladesh, I’m very much transparent to my clients about my SEO task and sharing SEO progress report. I prefer to provide weekly report to my clients regarding his organization or company website in every single aspect and giving the entire SEO progress report from time to time for your better feel and satisfaction of clients, I’m very much active on the social network, skype, WhatsApp, mobile and any others communication media because most of my clients come from outsider from my country. I’m very much trustworthy and giving the preference to a client and able to make a good faith in my work dedication all the way to make it more meaningful and fruitful too.

The relationship is one of the vital points with my clients because I’m always trying to maintain my level best. During my SEO progress report, you can get better and easy to guess about my work process with a list of tasks that I’ve done for your projects. I’m not a boss, in my opinion, my client is my boss because they are paying money to get a better ranking for his website. One more thing I don’t do any unethical SEO method which is very much harmful to the client’s online business. I prefer the white hat SEO service for every client.

I've vast online marketing savvy:

As a Mr Faruk Local SEO expert in Bangladesh I would like to say SEO is a very much technical way to make your seals shortly. Modern technology driven era, I’m very much understands the clients need and pay more attention from my 17 years of experiences as an SEO expert. I’ve lots of google connections with good number of publishers, journalist and forum or bloggers of many relevant arena. Yes, you can sit with a meeting to know my entire process how to get the better outcome from me to build your online business more effective and 300% increase your profit from a SEO expert new strategy. SEO success depends of appropriate market analysis which keywords will be the best for your website to exact lead and that’s much be convert into revenue.

I'm very much knowledgeable about entire SEO process:

Once you looking for a better SEO solution for your website, you must choose the right SEO guy who is a specialist in the SEO industry to keep ranking for your upcoming SEO website. I’m very much sound with SEO ins and outs which is definitely include on-page optimization, off-page optimization, advanced keywords reach, keywords difficulty, buying keywords, even recover any website penalty too. I prefer to see the entire website before start SEO because some time client’s website is not in good shape and needs to bug fixing around the on-page, load time, well navigation of the site, how much the website is SEO friendly, content plagiarism and google index status carefully. Once the on-page issue has been fixing successfully.

I would like to start off-page optimization and build to make a good domain authority site’s backlink for the client’s website. I always prefer to make important and relevant website backlinks which will very much a wise way to get a better link juice. Me also working on any kind of website whatever it’s Bangla, English, Germany, France. I hope my all advanced-level SEO experts help you to bring your website top position in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

My opinion Rank is not a big fact but sales is a must:

My hope is a BIG, because some time good rank is not increasing the good result for your website. Thousands of online SEO expert are able to rank a website in first page but they don’t able to reach his potential clients because of wrong marketing strategy and choosing the wrong keywords selections for your business drive. So, it’s very important about ROI ensure than the better rank. If the good ranked website unable to make sales nicely then the total business will be down and very seeing the door of success. Some time I’m suggest to my client to drive his/her site in my way then then can expect the better and effective result and able to sustain in his industry long term. My SEO consultancy is mostly focus on sales and brand managements.

Me always keep up to date:

Mr Faruk spending my most of the valuable time for surfing thousands of websites, bongs, forums, journals to keep myself up to date because most of the search Engine frequently changes their algorithm and site is suddenly down going. As an SEO expert i would like to say to my clients before hire an SEO consultant you much ask to your SEO service provider in Bangladesh how will be the impact if the Google change his algorithms.

Mr Faruk think a good SEO expert able to answer the righty how to drive a website to rank on virtual world. We are one in every of the most effective digital selling agency in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. we provide tailored strategic selling consulting. And implementing services for enterprise-level business. At present on-line presence is should for all business. You sell your product via web site or offline. Our on-line advertising platform is intended to seek out the proper audience. we are going to notice the proper audience for your business.

We are Team of SEO Expert in Bangladesh:

As Mr Faruk SEO Expert in Bangladesh we are very much potential to our clients. We are an seek engine advertising professional in Bangladesh. Our SEO Team Leaders are generally supplying specific seek engine advertising services to study the quest engine guiding precept to present better seek engine advertising solution. Our SEO professional crew contributors make small duties very importantly. Our advertising and marketing and advertising expert group studies on line on a way to offer you with the greater awesome end result and the way to make a industrial business enterprise famous. We constantly paintings in keeping with a plan to grow online business!

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Cost Minimization:

An SEO expert in Bangladesh, we are the team who can analyze your exact goal and give you’re the right success pathway how to drive your online business and able to make it more profitable in a cost-effective way. If you guys not the maximum profit and lead with investing law amount then your business never be mean to you. We deliver the right track and efficient way to rank your website in both ways organic and paid campaigns. So, before hiring an SEO expert in Bangladesh you need to think twice about who is leading this industry since 2006.

Everyone wants to outrank his competitor and ensure the first position rank to get more potential clients with long-term revenue from a quality SEO service provider company. Are you looking for a good SEO company that is very much committed to your website will be present in the virtual world? We are one of the best SEO Audit Agencies who provide the entire digital marketing services for your business success to conquer your digital landscape.

MrFaruque is one of the leading Local SEO Expert Service Provider Company in Bangladesh that always focuses on your targeted client and improving your presence in the virtual industry by using the latest technique of Search Engine Optimizations. If you would like to dominate your industry you need an SEO Service in Dhaka Bangladesh who is best of bests as the Best SEO Company in Bangladesh. To learn more about our SEO services and strategy please visit our entire website then you can easily understand our capabilities.

In order to keep pace with the fast-changing world, it is important to adopt the best SEO practices. Below are some of the services provided that can assist your business to excel:

Well structured On-Page SEO optimization:

The SEO service provider company in Bangladesh can assist you with On-Page Optimization in the following ways:

Title tag optimization, Meta tag Optimization, Internal and external link building, Image optimization, SEO-friendly content writing, Website coding, User-friendly navigation, Loading time fixing, and many more things which are very important to make a website site more SEO friendly structure.

-Off-Page SEO Optimization

You would be able to get the following:

Better ranking on the search engine,  Analyze factors to improve the ranking, Better ranking on the app store, Contact the company today for more, information!, Analyzing Competition In Industry

The SEO Expert company in Bangladesh can analyze the ongoing competition in the industry. You would be able to get an idea of what the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are. Thus, you would get the following services:

Information on the competitor in the industry, Information on the industry expert, Possible ongoing opportunities and leads, Research Through The SEO Expert Company.

Dedicated skilled SEO Team:

The SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh can help you with the research as well. You would be able to get the following services:

Searching the right keywords,  Research on the competitive keywords that would help you rank higher in the search engine, Future targeting keyword opportunity, Keywords implementation strategy preparation, Top Ranking On The Search Engines

The most common search engines out there are Google and Bing. You want to rank higher on Google and thus, you have to adopt the right measures for it. With the assistance of the SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh you would be able to rank higher on these search engines due to the following reasons:

There would be increased traffic on your website. You want your clients to return again and again to your official website. This, in turn, would make your business successful since you would be able to get the potential leads.

You would be able to get more leads which in turn would increase the profitability of your business. You can get the advantage of the white label SEO services of the company.

SMM Experts:

The Social Media Marketing experts of the SEO Experts Company in Bangladesh can play a vital role in the citation and link building for your social media. Your account might not be getting the attention it deserves and with the help of SMM experts you would be able to know the following:

The underlying problem as in why your social media account is not getting the desired attention and what you need to do in order to improve the situation.

You would be able to understand why your competitors are enjoying an edge in the market. You would know the gap and thus, would be able to overcome it by applying your strengths and overcoming the weaknesses. However, an SMM expert would be your best guide.

You would be able to get some help in content development and the right marketing strategy for your social media presence.

SEO Service Process:

The SEO Service Process by the company can help you in the following ways:

Step 1: Learning About Your Company

At this step, the SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh would try to get information about your business and company. A review of the products and services of your company would give an idea of what kind of current strategies you are implementing and where you need improvement at the moment. Some companies are great in one area while they lack expertise in the other. It is important to understand each and every area so that you would be able to improve your overall performance.

Step 2: Keyword Research For Your Business

SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh would be able to research the right keywords for your business. These keywords would highlight the significance of your product or service. It is important to find the right keywords as they play a vital role in the success and growth of your business. With technological advancement, the world has advanced to such an extent that you are a part of the globalized region. You can have customers and employees from different corners of the world which is why it is important to select the correct keywords in your content. You might not be able to get an idea of the relevant keywords and thus, would require the assistance of the experts. This company can guide you in finding the long-tail keywords as well.

Step 3: Identifying & Analyzing Competitors

As discussed previously it is important to know what your competitors are doing and how they are enjoying a competitive edge in the industry. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors would be a good idea. It would guide you in knowing what good points are owned by your competitor. You would be able to know your weaknesses in the process as well. By knowing what are the good qualities of your competitors are and how they are ranking higher in the search engine, you would be able to fill the gap with the help of the experts and professionals of the SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh.

Step 4: Analyzing The SEO Backlink

It is important to get an idea of the SEO backlink. There is a possibility of your website being old. There is also a possibility that your website could be part of a spam link. Thus, it is important to know and analyze the SEO backlink which is possible by knowing with the help of experts and professionals of the SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh.

Step 5: SEO Content Writing

Google is very smart. It knows whether the content on your website is meaningful or not. Gone are the days when you would simply rely on the keyword stuffing and would get away with it. Now there are chances of you getting a penalty for that and hence, keyword stuffing is not the route to take anymore. It is important to deliver meaningful content to your clients. It is important that you deliver value to your valuable fans and visitors. People should be visiting your website on a regular basis because you have great content on it. With the help of great content, you would be able to get some potential leads and hence, in turn, this is going to boost your credibility and you would able to generate some income and sales.

Step 6: On-Page & Off-Page SEO-Optimization By The Company

SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh would be able to provide you with the services of on-page SEO optimization and off-page SEO optimization as discussed previously. You can take advantage of the services offered by the company. It would be a good idea to visit the official website and get more information on the relevant services you are looking for.

Why Choose SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh?

With technological advancement, it is possible to search for a variety of companies that can assist in the growth and success of your company. You would be able to find such companies with a simple click on the internet. You must be wondering why to choose the SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh.

Well, there are the following reasons:

-The company would be able to work with you rather than work for you.

-You can get information on what is going in the market and you would know why knowing about the latest Google algorithm is important.

-The company would assist you in the implementation of a correct marketing strategy.

-The company would be able to assist you in the market analysis.

-You would be able to learn about your competitors. You would get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your rival companies.

-The company can analyze your complete website and would spot the weak areas.

-You would be able to get an SEO audit. The experts and professionals of the SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh would be able to guide you.

-The company can assist you in finding the right keywords for your business.

-You would be able to learn the significance of good content.

-And so much more

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions and their relevant answers are below for your reference.

Is online presence important?

Yes, virtual presence is extremely important in the era of modernization and information technology. With the help of an online presence, your client would know that you exist. For example, if a client wants to purchase a certain product or service then seeing your online presence and visibility would assure them that you are genuine.

The SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh can help you in an online presence. In fact, you would be able to get a better and strong online presence. Just ask the experts and you would know what to do!

Is it profitable and wise to take guidance from an SEO expert company?

Yes, it is because you could be just a beginner. Just imagine if you are starting to cook and just know the basics, would be interested in getting the advice and tips from the professionals’ cooks and chef? A professional or expert has the required knowledge and experience in the relevant field and is able to provide the right guidance. It is always better to take the necessary measures to make the business successful. There is no harm in trying if your business is not making any success.

With the help of an SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh, you would be able to get the relevant help.

Would you be able to compete in the market?

Yes, hiring the experts would assist you in getting knowledge about the competitors. Your competitors have certain strengths and weak points. If you get knowledge of how your competitors are able to excel in the market, it would be beneficial for your business as well.

The SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh can help you in analyzing the potential customers and their relevant strengths and weaknesses.

Are you able to get the potential lead by hiring experts and professionals?

Yes, in fact, it would be a good idea to hire experts and professionals. They would be able to provide the right guidance on how to increase the traffic of the website. This is commonly through using the right and good content. With the help of such amazing content, it is possible to grab the attention of the potential lead. This, in the long run, would increase the overall profitability of the business as well.

The SEO Expert Company in Bangladesh would be able to guide you in this regard.

Final Words

The SEO Service Company in Bangladesh is here for your guidance and support. Get the most of SEO and excel in the era of modernization and information technology. You would be able to make growth and success in your business. By hiring the right experts and professionals you would be able to make your life a lot easier. Get higher ranking on search engines, Off-Page SEO Optimization, On-Page SEO optimization, competitor analysis, market analysis, keyword research, and so much more. All such services are extremely important in order to rank higher on modern search engines. Google knows everything and would be able to figure out keyword stuffing in the articles and contents. It is important to deliver value to the clients and learning this art is possible by hiring the right experts and professionals in the era of globalization.

Best SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh:

Quality and target-oriented achievements make us SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh who help you to improve your website ranking on Google and others top listed Search Engine by following the latest Search Engine guideline! SEO is an effective process where your company’s website able to bring in top position to get more revenue and grow your business to the next level! Search Engine Optimization is the way which is very much cost-effective and quick method to help your site rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO is not rocket science and not so hard to understand the impact, Some time SEO help you to increase your brand value frequently. As an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh where you get the entire Digital Marketing solution and we will able to meet your goal at any time. Our dedicated and world-class SEO professional help you around SEO friendly content writing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing like the Facebook campaign, Booster your business page to enhance your targeted audience to make more revenue all the way.

Once you search on Google you will get our website one first page with 1 to 3 top position in Bangladesh. Keywords are SEO service provider company in Bangladesh Dhaka, best SEO Service, SEO income in Bangladesh, SEO company, SEO service company, rankings of best SEO services in Bangladesh,
SEO rank BD. We hope you will get our website for many related keywords once you search on Google!

Is a SEO must grow your online business?

Yes! There is no doubt SEO company help you to grow your online business very fast! This is a very common question for us because lots of clients asking why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is important for my website to rank on Search Engine to make more sales and ensure ROI(Return of Investment)? It seems like they are very much tense about his Company or Personal website on how to rank quickly for better lead and sells. We people know Traffic=Revenue so you need to make your site more SEO friendly. Thousand of SEO companies are ready to answer this question differently.

As an SEO expert, I have a few rear experiences with a client who are asking such type of question to me! Yes, SEO is not only important for your business website it’s a mandatory requirement to promote your website to enhance your business Locally or Globally. Sometimes we are missing to tell the exact importance and preference of Organic SEO which we grow your business and enhance your website to reach the exact goal. So why we do not tell you to involved SEO for your website to make more sales and Brand Management and sustain in the virtual world!

Is it possible to grow your online business from us?

Yes! We are a top positioning SEO Service Company in Bangladesh who knows almost top listed search engine guidelines and updates regarding their Algorithm changes frequently. We also the best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh Here I’m sharing very important and logical SEO secrecy about proper Search Engine Guideline and Rules which is enough to build a career as an SEO Expert or Specialist. In this blog, you can get the clear concept around SEO and Internet Marketing Strategy. All tips are very important who wanted to learn SEO within a very short period.

Basically, in my point of view, I’m an expert on SEO and Internet Marketing Expert or Specialist since 2006. We know how to optimize a website (On-page and off the page) within a very short period to get the high visibility on top listed Search Engine. We have vast experience in Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

One more thing we do not allow any kind of Black Hat SEO activities during our Services. We always work for your website Organic and Ethical(White Hat Method). If you have any more queries regarding SEO or Internet Marketing matter then please knock us quickly. We always ready to serve the better quality service for you as well.

How we can ensure you?

Yes! We can ensure almost 100% that your targeted audience must be attracted once we’ve given you the SEO services! At first, ensure that your website makes SEO friendly and also it should be user-friendly. If your website only for Search Engine then people will not get the exact information which he finding to come to your website. So at first make sure your website is 100% SEO and User-Friendly then you go for Off-Page optimization.

One thing you need to remember if you have done On-Page Optimization successfully then 60-70% SEO has been done! So why you would not start to make SEO Friendly website before SEO? We are ready to give you a better SEO friendly website which will be carrying good result within a very short period!

Hire an SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Who is the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh is a fact because SEO rules and Search Engine guideline has been changed every month frequently and effect on the client’s website? My opinion who has vast and exact knowledge with many years valid, ethical, white hat, organic, latest search engine technique, real-life SEO and Digital Marketing experience with a good reputation all over the world.

In the meanwhile done near about 2100+ Local and International projects all over the world. In our real-life SEO experience at a glance, we are the most experienced and dedicated SEO professional team who has vast and exact knowledge according to the latest Search Engine guideline and can ensure your sales will increase with your targeted audience! We always follow the latest Search Engine Algorithm and updates which is very important to rank your website to get more organic traffic and we also know the Search Engine ranking secrecy as well.

When you need an SEO Expert in Bangladesh

As an SEO Expert in Bangladesh Search Engine Optimization is not a choice anymore but a necessity to survive in this Digital World. It is like a magnet that pulls traffic to your website and converts them into potential buyers. We, very well understand the changing trends in the business world through our extensive research of many years. Drastic changes in SEO make it less of a marketing tactic and more of a Branding ploy. In other words, without SEO you are losing ground to this virtually dominated world. SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh is always with its clients.

How Search Engine Optimization Help you?

Search engine Optimization helps both the users and the search engine. Though the Search engine becomes extremely trailblazing, still it can’t see and understand the web page as we do. SEO helps both the users and the search engine. The users get the utmost benefit as it makes the website more user-friendly, faster and easy to navigate, whereas, on the other hand, a search engine helps to understand what the page is about and as well as how it is beneficial to the user.

Our clients’ success makes us proud and motivates us to reach another level. Our main purpose is to instill the customer’s trust and gain confidence through our worthiness and relevant data. to reach the target audience and entice them in a way that you experience a flood of buying visitors. SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh strongly believes once a client, always a client. This firm does not separate the tie when the job is done. The door is always open to you and we are there whenever you need us.

The mission of SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

The only focal of SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh is to create Happy customers. We work closely with our clients, learn their requirements and try to exceed their expectations levels. It is our priority to improve clients’ online presence, get more relevant traffic and help to establish their brand online. Our client’s success works as a tonic for us which drives us to perform even better.

A vision of SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Vision without action is like a dream.O n the other hand, with action, can change the whole world. Our vision is very simple and realistic, which is possible through hard work and determination as well as honesty. Within a few years, we like to see our SEO service provider company at the top position in Global platform.

Why SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh?

We are one of the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. It is always better to become proactive rather than reactive. SEO is what we understand and love. We like to provide you with a complete package where you get all the solutions to reach into a new height. The search engine is always changing for the better. Our expert team monitor’s search engine round the clock and improve our tools and techniques to stay one step ahead. And this is a challenge that we accept gracefully.

When SEO is important for your website?

At the present time, SEO is not icing on the cake anymore. It is better to say, no one can survive without SEO in this digital era. Starting from the companies who had a great record to small to medium firms. In today’s date every customer likes to do some browsing to educate themselves and who won’t be tempted to those companies who are ranked themselves in the topmost position on the first page.

Especially as far as a newly established company is concerned, it is imperative to do SEO to draw the right kind of audience from the very start. In many cases, most people are not aware of the new venture. Even those who have some information, they are also skeptical. Having said that, when your newly established company will get a good ranking in SERP, peoples’ interest will grow to experience something new as they already establish a positive impression about your company through google ranking.

We are trustworthy SEO Company in Bangladesh

We are committed to perfection. If you give us a chance we won’t disappoint you. We always take our clients to our confidant, as a matter of fact, we work as a joint venture. you can contact us 24/7/365. In conclusion, we can only promise we are always there with you and you are always welcome. Thanks to those who spent some of their precious time in our Website

Before hiring an SEO professional team or company you need to visit their previous work record and measure the quality of that task which they have done in the meanwhile. You need to know the Back Link quality like where they are getting and have to have to see the PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority). We always provide our previous success story during the SEO conference with our valued clients!

we are best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

We are an SEO Expert in Bangladesh and best SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh. We have more than 10 years of SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM and Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging experience in Local and International arena. We are the Best SEO Expert and Specialist in Bangladesh. Provide world-class SEO Service and Training in Bangladesh and all over the world. In the meanwhile, we have done many Local and International SEO projects from outside of the country successfully with a good reputation and have vast work experience with our valued clients.

We give you the exact SEO or Internet Marketing solutions for your proposed website and able to make your career as an SEO Freelancer. We hope you will be more benefited once you get our SEO Services and Training which is very extraordinary and effective to know within a very short period. Nowadays people can make money from home globally. We will give you the Special SEO tips which are rare for you! You are most welcome to join with us to get the world-class SEO Service and Training from us. We can ensure that you will be relaxed after getting the SEO secrecy to form our Special SEO Training Session!/p>

How will our advice to enhance your online business

Nowadays more than 80% organic traffic comes through organic search and buying success around 50% which is good at all. So before hiring an SEO expert please knock us to get the world-class SEO services for your upcoming website ranking. If you have any more query please contact our support team they will give you the free SEO Audit for your proposed website within the next few hours.

Your website presence in online doesn’t guarantee that you will find in Google! Nowadays without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it’s almost impossible to grow your online business frequently! We are one of the best trusted SEO Experts in Bangladesh who can ensure quality Search Engine Optimization services for your business growth to find out your targeted audience! Our goal is effective world-class and target-oriented SEO services in the local and international platform to boost up your online business.

Our SEO service is best?

Yes! You can trust us as an SEO company in Bangladesh. Our veteran SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts ensure maximum internal linking and on-page optimization to get the best results which is very much necessary to grow your online business. We ensure meaningful and sales oriented landing pages are created for your website with strategic placement of related keywords. With our expert team of SEO professionals and web designers, we ensure proper online marketing for your business. If you are interested, ask for a quote. We will help you in the best possible way!

MrFaruque as one of the most competitive digital marketing companies in Bangladesh who understands that establishing your brand in today’s’ tech-savvy world is no cakewalk as well. With a vision to empower every business digitally. We constantly deliver better services that reflect your business to the next level. We are the team who knows what Google love to rank your website accurately!

SEO Expert in Bangladesh

As a SEO expert in Bangladesh and leading SEO industry since 2003 because we are the team who can make sure the Google rank all the time. md faruk is the best and very much knowledgeable than other SEO experts because he knows the Google, Bing and top listed search engine guidelines and fixes all those issues to rank properly very closely. md faruk always keeps updating any things when Google announced the latest algorithm update at the very beginning.

We providing the white hat SEO service which is very much organic and able to rank your website on top position on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top listed search engines. Our 15 years of valid SEO experience you will never lose your business! So trust with us and hire the best SEO expert for your business website today!

Our SEO expertise is the best in Bangladesh

We’ve vast experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO Friendly Website Development, SMO(Social Media Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) and vast knowledge on Modern Internet Marketing Strategy. As an SEO Expert or Specialist or we can ensure that your business and service will be automatically promoted globally if you hire us for your website to rank on Major Search Engine. You are most welcome to work with us and get the best and cost-effective solution local and globally to enhance your services within a short time.

Today we would like to discuss our services. we are the world-famous SEO services provider company in Bangladesh. In the meanwhile, we’ve done near about 400 plus SEO projects successfully all over the world We always follow the latest search engine guideline to promote your business whatever it is local and globally. Our High skilled SEO professional can ensure to reach your targeted audience within a very short period. Mrfaruque.com team has vast and valid SEO experience to enhance your business and make your business bring up to the next level.

Why you need SEO expert?

Once you get our SEO and Digital marketing services you must be happy because of our SEO professional able to full fill your exact requirements what you expecting. Our Major service is SEO, Digital marketing, and Advance SEO training to build your career as an SEO professional. Our major services are SEO consulting, Digital Marketing, Keywords Research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building service, local SEO service, Global SEO service, copywriting, competition research, SMM service, SEO Reporting, SEO Audit, Affiliate Marketing, PPC services.

Our SEO pricing offers into 5 parts starter up to 12 keywords, Bronze up to 20 keywords, Silver up to 35 keywords(It’s our best SEO package because it’s very much cost-effective and perfect for advanced level SEO), Gold up to 50 keywords, Platinum up to 80 keywords. Besides SEO we also offering advanced SEO training, Affiliate Marketing Training, CPA marketing Training, Website development training which can build your career as a successful freelancer. Once you can finish our SEO course you must be able to work on the top listed outsourcing platform for your workplace.

Why our SEO strategy is best?

In this Training section, you will get the total clear concept about real-life SEO strategy. Our SEO training gives you a vast idea about real-life projects because during SEO course we always share all relevant and necessary things which are very important to build your freelance career and how to sustain in the virtual world. After SEO training you will able to earn money from the SEO industry, Affiliate Marketing networks, Blogging, CPA and able to gather more knowledge about Digital Marketing Strategy.

In our Blog section, you will get tons of valid and important tips about SEO and other money-making tips online without any investment. If you would like to know more details please visit our contact us page where you will get our contact information if needed.

Why we are the best SEO service provider?

Everyone wants to know why are we the best SEO service company in Bangladesh. We provide white hat SEO service and ROI service that you can increase your traffic and sales. You know that if your website has no traffic you can’t succeed online. But SEO for Solution knows how to generate organic traffic within a short time. We follow the search engine 200+ guidelines and ranking factors. So don’t worried about your business.

We ensure you that your website 100% rank on Google. Most of the clients happy to contact us! We give you the white hat SEO that boosts your website after a few months. We know everyone wants to promote their business online for a short time. But they don’t know how to solve this. We have a world-class digital marketing expert team that can generate organic traffic on your website. Why are we solve your problem? Because we already solve 2200+ SEO project with a good reputation and most of the client’s contact us permanently. If you want to promote your online business right way then contact us right now!

We are one of the leading SEO Audit Agency in Bangladesh who are leading SEO industry at the very beginning. An SEO Audit Agency in Bangladesh is a specialist in search engine optimization or the technique that improve a page’s ranking on Google and similar sites. He/she very well understands the basic building blocks of on-page and off-page detailing and knows how to apply individual methods for each client to provide them with the greatest benefits. Starting from the last decade SEO Consultant Company in Bangladesh is booming in a big way.

Thanks to some highly talented techno-savvy who only understand and love SEO. Most importantly SEO consultants involve in many duties and responsibilities, depending on the situation or many when they are hired by the organization. For a newly developed organization, their priority is to write search engine friendly as well as user-friendly content, keeping in mind who the target audience is. They also work on URL optimization, title tag, meta tags, internal linking, site structure, etc.

How SEO is important for your business?

The next and very crucial part is to analyze the high demand relevant keyword to pull in as many users as possible who later turn into a potential customer. The keyword is a very important factor in that sense the users search through these words to get the desired result.

While researching keywords it is also very important to understand the target audience, their language, class, age group, mentality, behavior, etc. In that sense, a consultant is also a thought reader. A good consultant put the keyword while writing not to leave gaps to stuff in for later. That way keywords properly blend with the content.

Once on-page optimization is done the consultant concentrate on off-page optimization. Off-site refers to the actions taken out site your website boundary. It primarily includes back-building which shows that your website is worthy enough that other websites find your site useful as well as worth sharing. Blogging in top sites and guest posts can help tremendously in this matter.

The consultant can also help to submit information to business directories and make a presence on social platforms where it becomes easier to connect with users. SEO audit is another very important factor for a website. It starts as soon as the website launches in SERP. It checks the site and recommends what needs to change and what to be fixed. It is like a health check of a website.

The search engine is changing all the time along with its criteria and guidelines, to provide the highest quality websites to the users, but an expert consultant is always ready to cope with search engine’s changing algorithm. He/she can also train your team to continue your SEO campaign.

Best SEO Audit Agency in Bangladesh

As far as those companies who already have an online presence but can’t reach the desired goal or way behind their competition only an expert can get inside the real problem and fix it so that the so that company’s online presence get better. To run your company smoothly in the virtually dominated era, it is must to have a strong online presence. Nowadays, with the help of digitalization, competition is not limited only to the local arena. With a click, the user can get his/her wanted product from the other parts of the world.

A professional SEO consultant will never practice or encourage Black Hat SEO technique which could cost your site in great ways. As I said earlier, SEO Consultant Company in Bangladesh is moving in the right direction and these people are leaving their marks in the world arena. I will not hesitate to admit that the IT revolution in India started much earlier and in a very good position right now, having said that when we see it is not long enough that we will be neck in neck. Not only that many foreign countries like UK, Canada, Australia ever from India, but they also hire experts from SEO Consultant Company in Bangladesh.

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

we are Top Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh since 2003. We have a vast and world-class Digital Marketing experience with a good reputation! We are one of the independent digital marketing agencies and delivering the right things to our clients at an affordable cost. We, people, know our targeted audience but it’s very much tough to reach the right and effective targeted audience by using digital marketing concepts.

So we are following the latest technique to grab the targeted audience and able to short out how to succeed to make more sales. During our digital marketing, we prefer to suggest our client make a user-friendly website and concentrate on the content level, social media marketing, and paid media marketing too.

MrFaruque is SEO service in Bangladesh. We are the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh since 2006. We always give you better SEO service to rank your website top listed search engines like google, yahoo, bing, ask and many more search engines. we are the team who are very much knowledgeable around this arena. We always keep update and follow the latest search engine guideline and updates. We are the trusted SEO service in Bangladesh because in the meanwhile we have done lots of SEO projects in Bangladesh.

Best SEO training in Bangladesh

https://mrfaruque.com is providing the best SEO training in Bangladesh. During SEO training we give you all types of facility how to build your career as an SEO expert globally within a very short time. We always follow the white hat SEO methodology during SEO training. We do not give you unethical SEO tips. One thing you need to remember if you go for an organic SEO process then you must be a success on time.

Nowadays you can get on GOOGLE by searching for SEO Tips and Tutorial in Bangladesh. We always try to provide better SEO Tips and Solutions for your proposed website. We also SEO training House to maintain the quality and most of the cases our all students are getting jobs in the offshore platform.

We ensure your Return of Investment (ROI) and huge organic traffic which your business automatically promotes worldwide. SEO or Internet Marketing is such a type of process where you don’t need to invest hugely. Just need to find out a good SEO expert or specialist who will able to increase your high visibility on the top listed search engine organically. then your website will show SERP for a long time.

One thing SEO long-term process where the client needs to wait a few months. sometimes it will take more then 1/2 years if your competitors rank is too high. Because you have to compete with them then you can get a position on the top.

Best SEO company in Bangladesh

We are the top listed best SEO company in Bangladesh. When we talk about a firm, we don’t talk about individuals. We talk about a team that works day and day out to place your site in a respectable position in the SERP engine. Here we will not brag about the Search Engine.

We all know what search engine is who would come to an SEO firm in Bangladesh. Some clients may wonder why they need a firm, hire an SEO specialist and everything is sorted. In reality, it is not that easy. There is a saying “jack in everything master in none”. The same applies to SEO.

To make a search engine friendly as well as a user-friendly site that will enhance or create your Brand image in a global platform is not a cakewalk. A well-organized, properly synchronized, team where everybody is master in their field makes a firm worthy. There are many SEO firm in Bangladesh who worldwide representing our country .

Impact of Digital marketing strategy?

Digital Marketing procedure is one of the unique methods to optimize your business into your potential client shortly! Years of valid and very close observation Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing demand rapidly increased due to its need according to clients perfections! SEO never dies because each and every Search Engine changed or improved its internal search technique and its own algorithm, so you people need to get in touch with all SEO guys to improve your website rank and make sure your services sell too! Actually, Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process used to get a high ranking on a search engine results page in unpaid method, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine. We always follow the Organic SEO strategy to minimize the cost and quality. We are an SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh, SEO Agency in Bangladesh. Organic SEO is the best way to rank which will never die because in this area you don’t need to pay and force to search engine for website rank but need to follow the right strategy to promote your business shortly

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As a organic Search Engine Optimization Service Provider Company in Bangladesh have proven record our strategy help you to gain organic traffic. We provide White Lable SEO Service, Search Engine Marketing, PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Design, and Development. We give you total Digital Marketing Solution for you!!

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