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I’m Abdullah Al Faruque, who can rank your company’s website first on the SERP list. My SEO expertise can help to increase your internet exposure and increase traffic to your website by utilizing the most recent trends in digital marketing. I can optimize the content of your website to be more profit-generating thanks to my extensive experience as BEST SEO Expert in Bangladesh and Digital Marketing expertise.

I Am Proud To Present My Trusted Client: Leading Brand!


Since a few years ago, I’ve been offering my SEO services in Bangladesh. I provide you the best SEO services by utilizing my many years of experience and diverse skill set. In order to complete my projects, I collaborate with a group of knowledgeable SEO experts.

  • I promise to raise your website’s ranking from where it is now.
  • You will outperform your rivals with the aid of my white-hat SEO services.
  • Both small and large-scale businesses can benefit from my local SEO techniques.
  • Your internet presence and searchability will rise thanks to my cutting-edge SEO techniques.
  • I can assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your company website.
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The simple response is that MrFaruque, who has more than 17 years SEO expertise in the industry, leading SEO expert in Bangladesh. He is a well-known writer and lecturer in SEO and digital marketing and has assisted countless companies in achieving top ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). He is one of the most influential people in Bangla since national and international media sources have acknowledged his competence.

As of this writing, I have successfully finished over 1200 SEO jobs for hundreds of businesses worldwide. If Organic Ranking is your main objective, hiring an experienced SEO expert like me is essential.

The minimal number of Bangladeshi businesses I have dealt with among those 1200+ SEO jobs is probably around 200. And as an SEO professional, this is something I constantly feel proud of.

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Advantage of Hiring An SEO Consultant in BD

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

SEO is a marketing tactic that is affordable and has the potential for long-term gains. Without investing in pricey advertising efforts, hiring an SEO specialist can improve traffic and obtain higher ranks.

An SEO expert from Bangladesh will be better able to comprehend the local market, way of life, and language, which will allow them to modify the SEO strategy. Therefore, it may be more fruitful to target nearby residents.

Your website can be optimized for local search by a BD SEO professional, ensuring that your company shows up in pertinent local search results. As a result, potential clients in your neighborhood may become more aware of and interested in your firm.

Why SEO is the most powerful stuff in digital marketing and how it improves your brand value. You probably have a vague understanding of what SEO is by this point. Additionally, you now understand why it is important to review the SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh.

You might not, however, be fully aware of the advantages SEO can offer your company. Because you are using the best SEO service in Bangladesh from the Top SEO Expert in BD, it is pretty obvious that you have no idea how your competitors are undercutting you. The Top 6 Advantages of Hiring an SEO Expert in Bangladesh are as follows:

Employing an SEO consultant can facilitate better contact with regional consumers and customers because the specialist will be proficient in the dialect, making it simpler to comprehend and address regional inquiries.

An SEO specialist in Bangladesh can give you knowledge of the regional opposition and assist you in creating a more successful SEO plan to maintain your lead.

An specialist in local SEO can enhance your company’s listings on regional directories, guaranteeing that the information about your company is correct and consistent across all platforms. Customers’ trust may increase as a result, improving local search visibility.

My Services

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SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization help to rank website

SEO Increased sales can be attained at a reasonable cost by using search engine optimization. You attract more organic traffic to your website and thus increase your earnings as long as you remain on Google’s top page.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Social Media Marketing

Online business promotion and quality service

A white hat SEO strategy to increase traffic to your website or product is the SMM boosting service. For quick results, the majority of eCommerce websites or online businesses purchase this service.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Content Marketing

Content help to more optimize

There are numerous strategies to advertise your website and goods. With the use of pertinent information like podcasts, articles, or videos, content marketing is a reliable technique to draw in customers to enhance online business.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Conversion Optimization

Help to grow your online business

In order to develop a suitable plan for a better user experience, we will evaluate the behavior of the people that visit your website and apply entire things to better sales and business growth as well.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Website Ranking

Online business promotion and quality service

If you are a website owner in Bangladesh and need a local SEO expert, you should choose Mr. Faruque because he is the top local SEO expert in Bangladesh. Get dependable SEO assistance from Mr. Faruque.

Web For Solution Ltd.

SEO Boosts ROI

Return on investment

If you’re seeking for Mr. Faruque, the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. You should understand why he is the top SEO specialist in Bangladesh and a local SEO authority in BD. He is an advocate of return on investment.

Web For Solution Ltd.

PPC Advertising

Ensure fast sales

Every time a user hits an ad, PPC or Pay Per Click media services might assist in generating income. It’s a good strategy for generating significant search engine traffic to exact sales to fell better all the way!

Web For Solution Ltd.

Increase Web Traffic via SEO

Organic traffic help to ensure sales

By using the services of Mr. Faruque, the top SEO expert in Bangladesh, you have the chance to boost website traffic. It assists you in attracting more clients to your company.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Organic SEO Services

Using SEO to grow your online business

Get the Best SEO Service in Bangladesh from the Best SEO Expert. Advance SEO Strategy offers guaranteed white hat SEO services. Finding the best local SEO expert in Bangladesh through local SEO services is not a simple task.

Web For Solution Ltd.

SEO for e-commerce

sales to your targeted audience

For better sales and business promotion for your e-commerce website, we are the best SEO service for ranking your products. Looking for a top E-commerce SEO expert? MrFaruque is there to provide expert SEO services and a free SEO audit for your website.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Optimization of speed

website load time fixing to better perform

The most important factor in ranking any website on Google’s top pages is website speed or load time. Get the best SEO professional in Bangladesh to optimize your website’s performance and page load time.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Framework development

It's the biggest challenge to make your business perform exactly

Customization frameworks usually give you a better solution according to your specific requirements. We also working on it for advanced solutions which are needed to better perform.

Web For Solution Ltd.

Engagement Backlinks

strong backlink helps to website rank

High-quality, niche-relevant backlinks with the best outreach so that you can advance. Best service for creating guest posts with backlinks and cutting-edge link development. 100% Certainty, you’ll receive quality backlinks from me.

Web For Solution Ltd.

YouTube SEO

Youtube Marketing with your business

You must improve your YouTube channel since you have one, right? You intend to use YouTube to sell your company or its goods. You have, in fact, selected a very successful web marketing strategy to ensure sales.

Web For Solution Ltd.

SMM Services

Social Media Marketing

What is digital marketing is a question that many business owners have. Additionally, they inquire as to how digital marketing will benefit their company. The method of efficient online marketing, in their eyes, is known as digital marketing.

Tools and software we use.

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Looking For The Top Organic SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

If you want to launch and expand a business in the current digital era of the Internet, it’s crucial that you comprehend what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, how SEO methods should be applied to your website, what Google’s algorithm is, and how Google ranks your website on top SERP. Nearly all Bangladeshi businesses are now more committed to growing their online sales, although many are unaware of SEO. The only method to reach your desired customers with your online business is through SEO. Therefore, SEO and local SEO are the best ways to increase sales and receive the most organic visitors in Bangladesh.

By the Safe Hand of Local Bangladeshi SEO Experts. You may improve your business and obtain 100%, organic visitors. In addition, you can boost your sales and revenue. As a Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh, Mr. Faruque can assist you in expanding your company.

Mr. Faruque, a local SEO specialist in Bangladesh, must advise you to perform SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your website so that it can receive three times as much organic traffic and expand your company’s reach throughout Bangladesh. You require the Best SEO Service in Bangladesh in this situation.

You should hire an SEO specialist in Bangladesh if you want to be more precise.

If you’re unsure of what SEO is, who the best SEO expert in Bangladesh is, what duties an SEO specialist has, or how SEO services in Bangladesh may help you, Mr. Faruque (the top-rated SEO expert in Bangladesh) is here to assist you with the support of my knowledgeable SEO team.

MrFaruque (Top Rated SEO skilled in Bangladesh) is here to help you with my skilled SEO team if you have any questions about what SEO is, who the finest SEO Expert in Bangladesh is, what responsibilities an SEO Specialist has, or how SEO Service in Bangladesh may help you.

Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh

As an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I have worked for businesses as well as offering SEO training in Bangladesh and this SEO course if totally free. Due to the abundance of SEO specialists in Bangladesh, SEO training is a vital industry. However, you should be aware that not all SEO specialists in Bangladesh are able to provide the best SEO services in Bangladesh. In order to deliver the greatest SEO service in Bangladesh as a provider of SEO services, it is crucial for me to only have the best SEO specialists in Bangladesh on my team.

Because I offer free online SEO Training in Bangladesh, my SEO training in that country is special. I am the SEO expert in Bangladesh you should contact if you’re looking for the best professional SEO course in Dhaka. I am confident that my online SEO course in Bangladesh will help you realize your ambition of becoming a prosperous SEO specialist in Bangladesh and earning thousands of dollars from your home. I’ll demonstrate several ways you can profit from SEO and establish yourself as an expert in the field in Bangladesh. I’ll help you till you land your first job and gain confidence in your abilities as an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Since I am a genuine local SEO expert in Bangladesh, I offer the most secure training to help freelancers understand everything there is to know about freelancing. This training will also guarantee that you develop into a legitimate SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Because they don’t practice once they complete the training, the majority of freelancers in Bangladesh fail to succeed as SEO experts. They also lack a great deal of practical knowledge, which is a crucial component of SEO training in Bangladesh. This is why I base a large portion of my SEO training in Bangladesh on practical sessions. The practical knowledge that you get to observe and put into effect for yourself, in my opinion, is the best method to gain experience. Based on this, you may really learn everything there is to know about SEO via your SEO training with me in Bangladesh.

As the Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I have a point of view we people need to provide some guidelines for those who would like to work in this industry, especially newbies. Numerous SEO firms in Bangladesh have requested that I come and provide SEO training there. The local businesses were convinced by my SEO expert profile to hire me as their SEO trainer and provide the right instruction to those who want to embark on this life-changing adventure. Many crucial components and aspects go into SEO. I know everything there is to know about SEO. I am therefore able to provide the right SEO training in Bangladesh as an SEO expert in that country.

You will find that there are many SEO Training in Bangladesh that advertise by offering sizable discounts if you decide to take SEO training there. Avoid falling into their seductive trap. You won’t learn anything because the training’s quality is utterly unacceptable. As a result, nothing will be learned by you. And as a result, your aspiration to work as a local SEO specialist in Bangladesh would break like glass. I always welcome newcomers who are very much interested to take such an SEO course to build his/her career as an SEO consultant!

- Who I am?

Local SEO Expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I’m Abdullah Al Faruque White hat organic Local SEO expert in Bangladesh ensuring that your website ranks on Google’s first page by using white hat SEO! During my 13 years of experience, I’m very much skilled and real-life proven record in SEO and Digital Marketing. My services are Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Digital Marketing, Google AdWords, SEO Training, YouTube Marketing, Social Media Optimization(SMO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Facebook Campaigns, Instagram Campaigns, SEO-friendly website design and development, Pay Per Click(PPC), Keywords Analysis, High domain authority backlink creations, Facebook Boosting. I have a well-proven record to work with many international SEO companies virtually.

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  • Using Latest Technology
  • Super Quick Solution
  • 20 Years Success Record
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Get best SEO service from MrFaruque

Mrfaruque is One of the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, and online marketing tactics is SEO, which can help your company increase website traffic, target qualified prospects, increase conversions, and increase income.

Because of this, the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh is an essential component of an effective business strategy. keyword analysis You won’t be listed or displayed in the search results that are most likely to reach your target audience if you don’t conduct keyword research. Aligning your efforts with your ideal client or consumer with any online marketing approach, including SEO, is essential for your business. How to Pick a Top SEO Service Provider Company The SEO service provider company in Bangladesh has a number of characteristics.

Your team must consider these characteristics when contrasting SEO firms because search engine optimization is a long-term tactic. Not just anyone who is selling SEO to make a quick profit; you need an expert local SEO professional. By adjusting to the way that people search, it helps your business connect with new consumers or customers. Use the words, phrases, or terminology that your audience uses in your content, such as a blog post or sales page, to optimize it and persuade users that your company is aware of their needs. That entails phone calls, visits to stores, purchasing, and more for your company.

website design company in gulshan dhaka bangladesh

For an SEO plan to be effective, keyword research is crucial. What is keyword research, though? The act of investigating the search volume, competition, and cost per click of terms that are extremely pertinent to your company and industry is known as keyword research. You may learn a lot from keyword research about what to put in your title tags, content, and other places. Your website will rank highly for these keywords if you use them in strategic locations across it. This will increase website traffic and, ultimately, customer conversion rates.

SEO, as you are undoubtedly aware, stands for search engine optimization. Ranking in local locations is the responsibility of this local SEO. A procedure that places a website on the first page of a search engine is part of this service. Google is currently the most popular and widely used search engine on the planet. According to research, the majority of internet users now look for the services they need online. This proves that good web marketing will greatly increase the effectiveness of this service-seeking process. Online marketing techniques like SEO are advantageous for both the service provider and the customer. What are the advantages for both the service provider and the client? You’re about to find out, though. ranking signifies local SEO.

How can you be certain that SEO management will help your business flourish and expand, given all the chatter about its beneficial effects? You can be confident that your website will move up in the search engine results, receive more visitors, and convert more consumers with local SEO services in Bangladesh even though there is no crystal ball to provide precise figures on how much your business will expand with white hat SEO services.

Black hat The position of SEO services is better on the results pages. You should target a particular term using your content, meta tags, alternative tags, and URL when you discover it to be significant to your company and industry. So that it has a decent possibility of showing up when someone searches for the term on the Google search panel, you should include this keyword in these crucial areas.

Do you need SEO Service? Connect with us!

Web For Solution is an SEO Expert in Bangladesh we provide the best quality SEO service for your business website. You are most welcome to take our Best SEO Services for your proposed project. We always 100% ensure that your website will be ranked on the first page of Top-Listed Search Engine.

Get your SEO Services from the Best SEO Company!

There is no doubt Web For Solution is the Best SEO service company in Bangladesh. We not only work on Local markets but also Globally. in the meanwhile, we have done many local and international SEO projects successfully and our client is very much impressive to get the better and exact SEO solution from us! So why do you are not come to get the best and exact SEO service to promote your website and enhance your service worldwide?

Why MrFaruque’s SEO?

Web For Solution Ltd. is the best SEO Expert House in Bangladesh! Our SEO Consultant always gives you quality SEO Guidelines and meaningful SEO Audit Reports for your Website. This is very important to know about your website status on Search Engine. If you don’t have a good idea about your competitor’s Domain and Page Authority then you will face a big problem and don’t be a success to rank on SERP. We can help you to Rank on time which is a very cost-effective and Organic way!

220 SEO factors will improve your website rank

1. Domain Age
2. Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain
3. Domain registration length
4. Keyword As First Word in Domain
5. Exact Match Domain
6. Domain History
7. Keyword in Subdomain Name

What do we do during SEO?

During SEO service we always follow few important things who must apply our client website. We would like to share a few things which are very important because we are the world class SEO Service Provider company in Bangladesh. An SEO company we must give you the right path to follow for your proposed or upcoming website.

Keywords Analysis

As an SEO Service Provider company in Bangladesh, we always focus on keyword analysis because if you are able to rank your targeted audience by using proper keywords then your site’s visibility will be increased dramatically and sells will be increased frequently. so our main duty is to provide the exact keywords for your website to rank on Search Engine Result Page.

SEO Audit

This is very important because we are the best and country famous SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. SEO audit is a must before start SEO on-page or off-page. Every client must like to see the current status of his/her website at a glance. so this is not only important but also a process to start an SEO project. Our Dedicated SEO professional team must help you to give the exact situation of your website and provide the exact SEO guideline during the SEO audit.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is one of the vital parts of your website SEO. some time success SEO depends on proper On-page optimization. On-page will give you the well structured for your upcoming website to promote quickly. So at the very beginning, we are thinking about on-page optimizations.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is one of the important things which must carry some positive sign for your website. As an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, we would like to share few secrecy regarding off-page or Link building process. some time proper off-page optimization will give you a better and effective solution for good ranking. one thing you need to remember link building should be relevant and meaningful. don’t take a link from the irrelevant website. if you do this then the search engine will never give you the rank at all.

Content Optimization

Content is one of the important and powerful resources for SEO. Only unique and meaningful content boost your website frequent. So you need to provide the exact and relevant content for your website. don’t try to copy content from others website. if you don’t follow this rule then have a chance to penalize your website. only unique and resourceful content reach your website top on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

White Hat or ethical Method

Our search engine expert always follows the latest search engine guideline and know how to rank a website on google, yahoo, bing, and other search engines. We always follow the latest search engine guideline to improve your website rank and will be sustained long term. Once you get our exact SEO service your website rank will never be down forever because our skilled and SEO professional give you the better and White Hat SEO service at a glance.

Well Navigation

One thing you need to remember always give you the better and SEO friendly website. Once you hire us to develop your website we must fix up the op-page factors smoothly. so don’t be worries regarding this matter. Our skilled and world-famous SEO professional will help you to enhance your website to rank on top position on the different search engine. we always like to prefer to make a User and SEO friendly website. So don’t be worries regarding this matter. you will get the best SEO support from SEO service provider company like us.

What we do during On-page Optimization

On-page optimization is one of the big factors to rank your website quickly. some op-page score 70% has been done your SEO factors. Only proper on-page optimization can reach your website top position on search engine result page.

Create Title Using Keywords

The title is one of the important parts for on-page optimization. proper title help to google or another search engine that your website or webpage more relevant. it will be better if you would like to add some keywords on the title then it will more meaningful and strong and able to boost your on-page factor as well.

Create a Search Engine Friendly URL

as an SEO service provider in Bangladesh, we always prefer to use a search engine friendly URL with involved some keywords. Always try to use keywords on the URL then google give you the preference.

H1 Tag in usefulness for a web page for SEO

H1 tag is one of the important things to improve and give you an extra point which is very useful for your website to enhance search engine rank. one thing you need to remember H! tag should be used only one time in a single page and another tag can be used more than much time.

Video Sharing/ Multimedia sharing

in our point of view, an SEO service provider in Bangladesh video or multimedia sharing is one of the vital and essential parts to boost your website quickly. Video sharing can express your website at a glance and able to reduce the bounce rate. Once your site is able to start visitor then the search engine will give you extra points.

Try to use Keywords on the subheading

Keywords are one of the vital parts and you need to know how to use keywords for your website as well. if you would like to use your keywords on h1 then try to use similar keywords on h2, h3, h4. it’s the great technique and easy to rank your website on google and another search engine too.

Keywords on First Paragraph

This is very important that your keywords should be used in the first paragraph. suppose if your main keyword is “SEO Service Provider company in Bangladesh” you need to use that one on the first paragraph. One thing we would like to add on this portion try to use main keywords on the first 100 words then search engine will concentrate that your website is very SEO friendly too.

Search engine optimization, or SEO. A procedure that places a website on the first page of a search engine is part of this service. Google is currently the most popular and widely used search engine on the planet. According to statistics, the majority of internet users today look for the services they need online. This proves that good web marketing will greatly increase the effectiveness of this service-seeking process. Online marketing techniques like SEO are advantageous for both the service provider and the customer. What are the advantages for both the service provider and the client? You’re about to find out, though. Your website will undoubtedly be ranked in the top spots after you, as a business owner, utilize my SEO service in Bangladesh.

Our SEO Services Checklist

✔ 20 Search Engine Submission

✔ 200 Manually Directory Submissions

✔ 90 Article Submissions (1 Article Submit in Top 30 Directories)

✔ 10 Press Release Distributions (1 Press Release submit in 10 Sites)

✔ 5 Web2.0/Blog postings(Using pre-written articles)

✔ 30 Social Bookmarking Submissions

✔ 5 Forum postings

✔ 3 Unique Article writing (400+ words)

✔ 1 Press Release writing (350+ words)

✔ Keywords Mapping

✔ New pages suggestions

✔ Keywords research

✔ Competitor Analysis

✔ Title Tag changes suggestions

✔ Meta tags changes suggestions

✔ Alt tag changes suggestions

✔ HTML Site Map

✔ XML site map setup

✔ Anchor text optimization

✔ Google webmaster setup

✔ Google analytics setup

✔ Weekly Work Report

✔ Monthly Ranking Report

✔ Monthly Full Detailed SEO Work Report in Excel

Every website’s king is its content. Nothing on your website can be ranked without content. Without content, your website is pointless. Therefore, the most important component of every website is the content. One needs to have original, excellent content on their website in order to rank on the top page. It must be original and SEO-friendly in addition to being. Content that is SEO friendly is written in accordance with Google’s writing guidelines. This entails correctly positioning the term, maintaining the keyword density ratio, and optimizing other elements. I offer the top content writing services that will undoubtedly benefit your website.

You must improve your YouTube channel since you have one, right? You intend to use YouTube to sell your company or its goods. You have, in fact, selected a very successful web marketing strategy. This form of web marketing has brought in a great deal of revenue for many businesses. The viewers of your business will gain a clearer understanding of it thanks to YouTube marketing. You must use YouTube SEO in order to rank your videos. In order to aid your channel with the YouTube marketing you want it to accomplish, I also offer this YouTube SEO service. But there are some things you need to be aware of. The challenge with YouTube marketing is that you have to increase your channel’s views, subscribers, and likes. Your channel is meaningless without it, and you cannot profit from it. As there won’t be anyone watching the videos you submit without subscriptions and viewers. Fortunately for you, my YouTube SEO Service in Bangladesh is the ideal service that would increase your YouTube marketing efforts. I am the top SEO professional in Bangladesh, and I can help you obtain thousands of real subscribers and real viewers so you can add Adsense to your channel and start making money from it.

You must first have a website in order to begin the search engine optimization procedure for any website. You must then personalize the website once you receive it. Very appealing and, most importantly, user-friendly site design are required. You won’t be able to attract visitors if you don’t have this. The SEO and rating of a website are impacted by its web design. Get the best website design and development services for your website for this reason. I can make your website the finest by providing the best web design and development services. You will notice that I am the top web development service provider in the nation after you use my services.

Effective website design and development services are something I can offer. In order to rank that website, my experience as a website designer and developer has shown to be highly successful and beneficial. To create a website and then begin the SEO process, there are specific guidelines and standards that you must adhere to. The ranking of the website becomes simpler if the rules and regulations are adhered to. It’s crucial to focus on making the website user-friendly. Visitors won’t hang out on your website if it isn’t there. If you want to customize your website, the greatest website design and development services may be found at my website company in Bangladesh.

accounting software SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Why choose me?

We are the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh who create fantastic SEO methodologies for better results for your business. We will assist you with streamlining your site and increment the development of your business and prospering among your opponents. We plan our SEO services to drive the best outcomes for our customers. Since our functioning interaction is so viable and dynamic that assists the organizations with producing income inside an exceptionally brief time frame.

I’m very much committed to serving quality SEO training in Bangladesh

This training help you to exact things around seo techniques to better outsourcing carriers. who want to build their career as a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Expert to contribute as a freelancer! I always love to teach others who are expecting to get better SEO training from me. Each and every day I’m getting lots of phone calls and emails regarding SEO Bangla training. Lastly, I just open a session around SEO cheap course to learn real SEO techniques!

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh caliber of your writing Speaking of writing high-quality content, you must do it if you want high-quality links. Make sure your website has high-quality content that is original, easy to read, has a high word count (Google loves long content), and loads quickly. The Google search console receives positive signals from all of this, which raises your position in the results. These are just three of the numerous on-page SEO strategies our digital strategists employ as part of our SEO marketing services to optimize your website.

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh based on your keyword analysis, the material is created with the words you believe are most pertinent to your business and sector. There are many different kinds of content, from online how-to guides to SEO blog pieces, and all are good for your website. For instance, a manufacturing SEO plan might target business buyers earlier in the sales funnel with blog entries and online buyer guides afterward. Businesses may target each stage of the buying funnel with content. Here are some of the most common content categories and how they might help website visitors. These are useful since prospective customers want to study the fine print before making a purchase. Your service pages are an excellent area to inform visitors of the inclusions in

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh as you update and add to them frequently, blogs are an excellent option because Google loves new information. A blog is often a brief article of 1,000 words or less that offers a unique perspective on a subject relevant to a certain sector. Blogs are popular because they offer helpful advice and information that is tailored to their audience. Similar to service sites, product pages contain descriptions and pictures of the goods you sell. These pages provide users with information about the particular products you sell, like dimensions, color and size availability, ingredients or materials, etc. These pages are crucial because the data you give on them can make or break sales.

I can help you to promote your online business to enhance your brand value globally as Best SEO expert in Bangladesh! I’m a Local SEO expert in Bangladesh and a trusted SEO services provider for your website rank on Search Engine as well. My Local SEO expertise ensures your online presence improves rapidly and you feel better once you hire me for your upcoming SEO project! If you search on Google as the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh you will have my website ranking on Google My Business and the top 10 first SEO experts in Bangladesh! I’m working for about 16 years in the SEO industry as a dedicated SEO service industry. Now, your mind has come across who I am, why I am telling you this, and how I would add value to your website for ranking factors. My SEO services are in an organic and white hat which will never rank down! I’m also an organic SEO expert in Bangladesh that’s means I’m white hat SEO services to quickly rank on Search Engine.

Save Your Money & Times

White hat Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh knows the exact SEO guideline to boost up a website for your targeted audience! Time and money are some of the valid
factors during organic SEO because there is a huge chance to rank your website to grab your penitential clients. We always like to say not to go for paid marketing if you are new in this
industry. At first, you need to do organic SEO to reach a satisfactory level then go for another marketing strategy!

Global Rank Enhancement

Organic SEO consultants can attract your audience to make leads for online businesses! As an SEO and Digital service business enterprise, our company of search engine optimization professionals
spends amazing time every day with the technical search engine advertising and marketing audit, keyword research, On-page, and Off-page optimization to offer for our customer’s needs every day to sustain in the virtual world!

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh can promote your website on the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). SEO added extra value which is very much effective to express your company’s brand value all over the world! We always offer a better SEO service for your upcoming SEO projects! Those who would like to rank locally are most welcome to take our services within a very small budget! You can choose our effective and low-cost SEO packages!

Sales Improvements

Every businessman wants to get his/her targeted audience and be happy to get better performance. Sometimes most clients would like to hire someone who can nurse their webpage and ensure make revenues. Search Engine Optimization Specialists can ensure better sales and generate a good amount to traffics by using white hat SEO techniques. SEO helps your business like a money-making machine instantly! Sales improvements help to sustain your business globally.

I’m very much committed to ranking your website on Google’s first page by using white-hat SEO!
During my 13 years of experience, I’m very much skilled and real-life proven record in SEO and Digital Marketing. My services are Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Digital Marketing, Google AdWords, SEO Training, YouTube Marketing, Social Media Optimization(SMO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Facebook Campaigns, Instagram Campaigns, SEO-friendly website design and development, Pay Per Click(PPC), Keywords Analysis, High domain authority backlink creations, Facebook Boosting,

Why SEO is important?

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh full form of SEO means “Search Engine Optimization.” It is an interaction that expands the perceived ability of your site in Search Engines. Particularly on the off chance that you are maintaining an online business, SEO is an absolute necessity for you. Since SEO will assist with expanding your organic traffic for your site. Thus, these traffics will transform into likely customers. There are different kinds of work expected to perform for a fruitful SEO campaign, for instance, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, On-page SEO, Content writing, Link building, and so forth. So after accomplishing this work appropriately, your site will be apparent on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and more. Accordingly, you will get loads of guests.

Yes! MrFaruque has vast and effective knowledge of the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh. I got him on Google search “SEO Expert Bangladesh” because my friend said Bangladeshi people do outstanding skills in Digital Marketing. During hiring Mr.Faruque I asked him 25+ basic and advanced questions about my money site position on GOOGLE’s first page. I gave him a list of high search volumes of keywords that were very important to rank on SERPs. Besides, he did the exact keyword research for my relevant site. I was surprised he was very much good at English and able to communicate frequently several times a day! His report strategy is helpful and very much target oriented and transparent too. I hope he is the best and world-class SEO expert in Bangladesh. Best of Luck.

Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh, You may quickly rank your local keyword on Google with the aid of local SEO. In the modern era, search engine service providers like Google always work to give users of the search engine the most precise and ideal results. And as we all know, SEO is the only strategy that will provide results in this search engine. This means that if you SEO your website correctly, it will have a higher chance of appearing in the top row of search engine results. Because of this, local SEO is as crucial to overall SEO. We are aware that SEO is a technological tactic to raise your website to the first page of search engines through search engine optimization.

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh

By Google search, I’m the first Best SEO expert in Bangladesh who is working since 2008. You may search my domain on whois record then you must get the date 2008 which is my domain registration. I hope so no one ever started SEO before me. Still, now I’m working in this industry silently. Few new guys nowadays trying to provide the best and very much knowledge around this industry. I believe come to me and introduce me to know how SEO work!

Advantages of hiring an SEO professional in BD

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh probably have a vague understanding of what SEO is by this point. Additionally, you now understand why it is important to review the SEO Expert Profile in Bangladesh. You might not, however, be fully aware of the advantages SEO can offer your company. Since you have chosen to employ the best SEO service in Bangladesh from the Top SEO Expert in BD, it is fairly obvious that you are unaware of how your competitors are undercutting you. Here, I’ll outline the Top 3 advantages of working with an SEO expert in Bangladesh.

SEO Increases ROI

You can anticipate a rise in your ROI if you choose the finest SEO service in Bangladesh provided by the top SEO professional in Bangladesh (Return On Investment). However, if you invest in SEO services from the incorrect SEO expert bd, your investment might not provide the expected results. Therefore, you must exercise extreme caution when hunting for the best SEO professional in Bangladesh.

Boost Website Traffic with SEO

You have the chance to increase the volume of traffic to your website by working with the top SEO specialists in Bangladesh. Consequently, it assists you in attracting more clients to your company. An Best SEO expert in Bangladesh would find it much simpler to develop and carry out the proper SEO Action Plan using the proper SEO tools.


Your business will rank better in BD when you use the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh. You can actually reach the top spot on the Search Engine Result Page with the aid of an analytical and calculated SEO strategy created by an SEO agency.SEO is constantly evolving.

SEO service helps you to stay-on-trend

Many strategies that are effective right now could not be in a month. However, one of our responsibilities as SEOs is to keep up
with the numerous algorithm updates. And choosing us as the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh will ensure that you have access to the most recent techniques needed to grow your company. Analytics is a crucial component of your website.
With the aid of SEO professionals.

Reasonable SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

Assuming you need to get the best profit from your venture, then, at that point, you should take advantage of an SEO campaign. Since only SEO can assist you with the most noteworthy conceivable profit from speculation (ROI) over the long haul. At Mrfaruque, our SEO experts in Bangladesh have developed the best combination of straightforward expectations. With our custom, execution-driven SEO plans, your business can see the best outcomes in the Search Engine Result Page. Subsequently, you can be an industry chief through our service.

Free Website Audit

The first phase begins with a website audit by a top Best local SEO expert in Bangladesh to determine which SEO tactics should be implemented on your company website.

Search Engine Optimization

The second step involves Mr. Faruque’s skilled team members beginning the process of Search Engine Optimization.

Clients Satisfaction

Since the beginning of my professional SEO career, client satisfaction has been my top priority. Since SEO has always been my PASSION, I genuinely and completely work for value.

Business and am an affiliate marketer

I run my own business and am an affiliate marketer, SEO specialist, local SEO trainer, and mentor for freelancing workshops. This is your opportunity to receive the best SEO Training in Bangladesh and begin your online earning if you believe you want to join the world of freelancing. I have videos of our introductory classes on YouTube that you may watch to receive an introduction to the fascinating and analytical realm of SEO. These guides will offer you a fundamental understanding of SEO: new methods for Google website ranking. Techniques and tactics to increase website traffic or visitors
provide an opportunity to learn and practice SEO procedures.

Quick and efficient services

I am aware of how crucial Best SEO expert in Bangladesh are to a Bangladeshi business. I can guarantee you the best SEO service in Bangladesh because of my years of experience in the field. I always attempt to maintain complete transparency with my client. As a result, I virtually always talk to my clients about anything I think should be added to their websites.
I don’t just focus on raising my clients’ websites’ search engine rankings. Instead, I make an effort to do everything I can to make my client’s business better than it is right now. It appears that I work more for value than for money.
I’ve always been passionate about SEO because I feel as though it runs in my veins.

White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Reasonable SEO Service Provider Is it true that you are intrigued to expand your ROI?

Assuming you are searching for business advancement, the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh, or Search Engine Optimization is the ideal system for you. For what reason is it significant? Since It will build organic traffic on your site. Thus, you can discover loads of customers to offer your support and bring in cash. I’m also a white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh to perform better organic traffic for your website. We, at MrFaruque, underline every one of the significant pieces of SEO. For instance, Keyword Research, Website Audit, Competitor Analysis, SEO-accommodating Content Creation, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and more. Thusly, we guarantee your site will improve its position on Google’s first page. Additionally, our SEO specialists are equipped for examining your business procedure and run a fruitful SEO campaign to get unbelievable results. So would you say you are arranged now to begin upgrading your site? Contact us online to consult with a senior
SEO Expert about further developing your organization’s Search Engine Positioning.

Fruitful SEO campaign to get unbelievable results

Additionally, our Best SEO expert in Bangladesh are equipped for examining your business procedure and run a fruitful SEO campaign to get unbelievable results. So would you say you are arranged now to begin upgrading your site? Contact us online to consult with a senior SEO Expert about further developing your organization’s Search Engine Positioning.


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SEO experts are those that are knowledgeable about digital marketing and SEO. They are in charge of making a website and its content search engine friendly.
They strive to make web sites simple to find for users and to ensure that the information on those pages is pertinent to the user’s query. Organic SEO experts in Bangladesh employ a number of strategies to achieve this, including keyword research, link development, and on-page optimization.
A SEO specialist helps your business expand, optimizes your website’s content, and fixes technical issues so that search engines can crawl, index, and rank your website.

The method of increasing a website’s ranking on search engines is known as search engine optimization (SEO). The likelihood that someone will locate the website increases with the SERP ranking. Any internet marketing campaign must incorporate a number of White hat SEO tactics. You could be losing out on a lot of potential traffic if you don’t do it.

Many people in Bangladesh claim to be the youngest SEO experts, but how can you determine who to believe? To choose a person or business, consider the following:

1. Verify that the candidate has a solid background. The easiest way to do this is through case studies or client testimonials.
2. Ascertain that they are knowledgeable about current search engine trends. Make sure your SEO specialist is knowledgeable with the most recent developments in the field of search engine marketing.
3. Learn about their approach. He ought to be able to articulate their plan to you in detail. If they’re not, that raises a warning. It’s also important to consider user intent and experience because the SEO industry is always evolving. Act prudently and take your time to consider how your plan will affect you over the long term.
4. Request an offer. Once you’ve narrowed down a handful, ask each possible expert for a proposal. You can make an informed choice by comparing their offerings’ costs and quality.
5. To confirm that you’re hiring a person or group with SEO experience. Take your time, speak with a few potential customers, and then decide.

Make sure you’re doing everything in your power to reach your target market if you’re operating a business in Bangladesh. Investing in an SEO expert is one of the greatest methods to accomplish this.

They offer SEO services that may be used to improve the search engine optimization of your website and content. They can also assist you in developing links and formulating a plan to reach your intended audience.

Any company that wants to compete in the cutthroat market should invest, since attracting customers is one of the most crucial elements of any website. In particular, if you own a local business, it enables customers to find your website fast online.

People won’t visit your website if they can’t locate it and read it. The more people who visit your website, the more people learn about your company, and the more calls you receive. The objective of the SEO service provider is to make sure that your website receives the most traffic and is indexed in search engines, which will attract more visitors.

There isn’t a universal response to the question, “How much does it cost?” about price. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, the price will change. In addition, the amount of competition in your sector plays a role. However, a few fundamental ideas might assist you in figuring out your SEO budget. For a unique quote, get in touch with us.

Google make it clear that hiring an SEO expert or organization is OK. A guide on “Do you need an SEO?” has been released by Google. Additionally, have a beginner manual that offers instructions on how to become an SEO master. Here are some comments made by Google search employees:

“SEO is important because it facilitates internet information discovery for users.” – Google Fellow Danny Sullivan.

“The SEO landscape is constantly evolving and changing.” — Matt Cutts, leader of the Webspam Team at Google.

There is no silver bullet to success in SEO because it is so complicated. Google Webmaster Central’s Maile Ohye.

By optimizing your website for search engines, you may use SEO services to raise your website’s Google ranking and increase traffic and revenue from search. Your website can be search engine optimized by an SEO firm, independent contractor, or consultant. While some SEO programs incorporate all three, others concentrate on only one, such as on-page SEO services, off-page SEO, or technical SEO.

Mr. Faruque has aided various firms from the very beginning and is a successful entrepreneur in the field of SEO. He has made a big contribution to the SEO sector through his dedication to assisting businesses in maximizing search engine optimization.

Mr. Faruque is an SEO guru who has had a big impact on Bangladesh’s digital marketing scene. His knowledge and client-centered approach have assisted numerous businesses in being visible and successful online. MrFaruque is undoubtedly a name to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a dependable SEO specialist in Bangladesh.

He is considered as one of the top freelancing consultants for companies looking to grow their online presence because he is a well-known white hat and local SEO specialist in Bangladesh. He is Bangladesh’s leading SEO expert.

Mr. Faruque can assist you in achieving the objectives of your company thanks to his close to 17 years of experience and track record in various sectors. He can assist websites in ranking for difficult keywords, establishing brands, boosting conversion rates, and producing high-quality content and a workable strategy.

Incoming links to a website are known as backlinks. A backlink is created when one website points to another. Other names for backlinks include “inbound links” and “incoming links.” Although all backlinks are links, a backlink is more than just a link. Both text and image links can be used as backlinks. Backlinks are one factor that search engines use when deciding where to place a website in their SERPs (search engine results pages).

The words and phrases individuals employ when searching for information online are known as SEO keywords. Additionally, they are crucial because they enable search engines like Google to recognize the subject matter of your website and eventually decide how to rank it in search results.

Finding out how consumers look for businesses that offer your product or service can be done with the aid of keyword research. You can generate ideas for unique content by utilizing the terms and phrases mentioned above. You can also optimize your sites to make sure they correspond to searchers’ intentions. To discover undiscovered keywords and your competitors’ keywords, we use tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush.

However, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to the best SEO in Bangladesh. Mr. Faruque, a well-known expert in white hat SEO, is one of the top independent consultants for companies looking to grow their online presence.
Are you looking for a specialist to improve your ranking? You may improve your SEO ranking with the aid of Lutfor, who has years of expertise as a top-rated freelancer on Upwork, Fiverr, and PeopleperHour.

The process of search engine optimization can be divided into four separate phases: research, on-page optimization, link development, and measurement. It may take a few weeks to several months to start seeing results, depending on how competitive your market is and how well your SEO approach is working.

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