Affiliate Marketing Training in Bangladesh

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online from anywhere in the world. Million affiliate marketer able to earn money from home even college going student able to make money from this industry! This is the time to do some things in the affiliate industry because there is no extra hassle, just you need to make a website and rank on search engine and reach your targeted audience that’s it. We would like to express a few things regarding Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh because it’s easy to build a challenging career to sustaining in the affiliate industry. Thousands of Affiliate marketers succeed in this sector after full dedication. In this course, you will get a tone of information which should be very effective and help to make your career successful. But you need to know the exact things how to enhance your affiliate website properly. Only a good Affiliate professional can help you properly. Thousands of factors depend on Affiliate marketing, So you need to know all those things before start Affiliate Marketing. We’ve 9/10 years of Affiliate Marketing experience in this industry, so you will get the proper help for us to make your career as a Proud Affiliate Marketer.


Course Fee: 20,000 Taka

Course Duration: 3-4 months

Class Duration: 2 hours/day (weekly 2 days)


-Class One

✔ Introduction about Affiliate Marketing

✔ How to succeed in the Affiliate Marketing industry

✔ Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

✔ Do you need to learn SEO (On-Page and Off-Page SEO) for Affiliate Marketing?

✔ How to do On-page Optimization for Affiliate Website?

✔ How to Affiliate website development easily

✔ How to Using to niche ideas

✔ Use a site to generate TOP 20s of Niche Ideas

✔ Using Google Trends to find a Niche idea

-Class Two

✔ How to Niche choice for a particular product

✔ How to Advanced keyword research for selecting targeted keywords.

✔ How to Write Content for Affiliate Website

✔ Why you need to write native English for your Affiliate Website.

✔ How to Building an Affiliate website

✔ How to start posting the content.


-Class Three

✔ How to make an exact and effective backlink for your affiliate website

✔ Need to more Keyword research for creating the valuable backlink.

✔ Why need to select a large volume of keywords for your niche affiliate site.

✔ Why Organic SEO strategy is very much effective for affiliate marketing.

✔ Why Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy following with the affiliate marketing.

-Class Four

✔ Email Marketing strategy following with the affiliate marketing.

✔ Affiliate promotion by Google AdSense, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus


-Class Four

✔ Real-life Affiliate Marketing knowledge share

✔ Different top listed Affiliate platform discussion

✔ How to open and apply over their (especially Amazon)


-Class Five

✔ Introduction about Domain and Hosting

✔ How to select the right Domain Name

✔ Best Domain search idea/ tools

✔ How to Expired Domain research

✔ What is EMD & PMD

✔ How to select the right Hosting


-Class Six

✔ Building an Amazon niche site

✔ What is WordPress and how to install in a live server

✔ Why WordPress is necessary for an affiliate site

✔ How to reading settings

✔ What are SEO friendly permalinks

✔ SEO Plugins

✔ How to use Widgets

✔ How to create Categories

✔ How to Adding pages

✔ How to Adding categories to pages

✔ How to Install Themes

✔ How to create a Contact us page

✔ How to create an About us page

✔ How to create a Privacy policy

✔ How to create Affiliate disclosure

✔ How to Adding social sharing buttons

✔ How to Creating menus

✔ Why we use a static home page


-Class Seven

✔ Backup and restore with a plugin

✔ Manual backup from cPanel


-Class Eight

✔ How to learn On-Page SEO Issues

✔ How to use Yoast SEO and its advantages

✔ what is Sitemap and how to submit on google webmaster

✔ How to create Internal & External Links

✔ Learn about Google Search Console & Analytics Setup

✔ What are Off-Page Issues and how to do this


-Class Nine

✔ What are Social Media Marketing and its advantages

✔ Twitter Marketing (Free Method)

✔ Facebook Marketing (Free Method)

✔ YouTube Marketing (Free Method)


-Class Ten

✔ Introduction to a different affiliate marketing platform

✔ How to create an Amazon Affiliate Account from Bangladesh

✔ How to use Affiliate Links

✔ How to YouTube Do’s & Don’ts


-Class Eleven

✔ Real-life Affiliate project and ranking


MrFaruque is one of the SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Senior Amazon Affiliate Marketing trainer since 2010.  MrFaruque has done about 100+ Affiliate batches all over the world. He is one of the SEO professionals in Bangladesh who has vast work experience all over the world.