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You can’t imagine your business’s success without a modern online marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the lifeline of online marketing to ensure the sales and ROI. The era of modernization and information technology has made the world a global village. We are one of the SEO service provider companies in Bangladesh that are very much professional and world-class SEO experiences with a large number of international projects since 2003.  There are various changes that can be observed in this modernized world of the internet and information technology and one of them is the invention of SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. SEO has become vital for the survival in this world of modernization as with the help of Search Engine Optimization there are chances of having more traffic on a particular website. Search Engine Optimization is a must for companies belonging to the age of information technology. The search engine works in a manner that is quite in accordance with Search Engine Optimization. SEO is understood by the search engines and the results are thus displayed accordingly. SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh is one of those companies which have understood the need of modern times thus assisting the people to make SEO easier and user-friendly.

Affordable SEO packages

  • 10 keywords
  • Ideal for: Small Business Website SEO
  • In Depth site Analysis
  • Content Duplicate check
  • Initial Back link check
  • Keyword Research
  • Fully On Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Off page Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • 15 keywords
  • Ideal for: Small Business Website SEO
  • In Depth site Analysis
  • Content Duplicate check
  • Initial Back link check
  • Keyword Research
  • Fully On Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Off page Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • 20 keywords
  • Ideal for: Small Business Website SEO
  • In Depth site Analysis
  • Content Duplicate check
  • Initial Back link check
  • Keyword Research
  • Fully On Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Off page Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
Silver (Best)
  • 30 keywords
  • Ideal for: Small Business Website SEO
  • In Depth site Analysis
  • Content Duplicate check
  • Initial Back link check
  • Keyword Research
  • Fully On Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Off page Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization

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The mission of the SEO Service Company in Bangladesh is to provide the best services to their respective clients and to keep them happy. A happy customer is likely to return to the potential company for further assistance of their relevant work. SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh Vision The vision of SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh is to become one of the top companies at the global level. The significance of SEO for a website As said previously, technological advancement has made the world a global village. The globalized era of modernization and information technology needs to keep pace with this fast-changing world and in order to be on par with everyone, it is a must to follow Search Engine Optimization.

seo service provider company in bangladesh

How SEO help to grow your business?

We can say some things about SEO and its importance. As a Search Engine Optimization company need to know all search engine latest updates, search technique, search engine algorithm and all updates which is very necessary to keep ranking for a various website. Only perfections of the client are the best way to win in this industry as well. Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science but it’s a continuous process to keep update yourself! As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, we follow the Search Engine updates and ensure the local and global ranking to promote your website rank all over the universe.

What we do?


Organic Search

The competitor world everyone need organic visit.  If your website no visitor then how to you increase your sales. We provide organic Service traffic on Google.


Link Building

Search Engine top 10 ranking factor is link.  We  provide quality link building to rank your website on top rank on gooogle. Without link your website never rank search engine result page.


On Page SEO

Search main ranking factor is on page SEO.  Google Rank your site if your website 100% follow the search engine guidelines. Our expert team know how to optimize your website.


Competitive Research

If you new online market place than you must need Competitive research. If you know what your competitor doing for there business then you can find your idea. If you need competitive research you can contact us right now.


Content Marketing

We provide content marketing services. You know that content is king online marketing. Google prefers unique/fresh content. Our content writter write unique content that people loves to read!


Digital Marketing

Our main business strategy is Digital Marketing to enhance your online business dramatically. Our SEO checklist make sure that your business will be success according your targeted audience.

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    Why you need best SEO agency in dhaka Bangladesh

    It’s a time to proved that we leading in this industry by doing organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is called white hat SEO. We don’t do any black hat SEO which does not follow the latest google guideline as well. Our SEO professional skilled team set prefer to make your site content more unique and proper optimization to rank a website when it will go to like a server!

    There are different services offered by SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh which is discussed as follows:

    On-page Optimization

    On-page Optimization is a must for web designing. On-page Optimization assists in a user-friendly website that is also SEO-friendly.

    -Title Tag has the utmost priority. It has to be important for the SERP as well.

    -Meta Tag Optimization is also vital and seems like snippet selling.

    -HTML Tag Optimization also assists the user to find the relevant and required results.

    -Keyword Optimization assists in giving the users the required information.

    -Link Optimization assists in user-friendly navigation.

    -Image Optimization is also a must since despite being an intelligent system the SEO does not work like humans.

    -Speed Optimization is also a must since a lot of difference can occur in a single second.

    Off-page Optimization-

    In order to have a website running well, it is important to have a combination of On-page optimization and Off-page Optimization. The ranking of the website is likely to become better through Off-page Optimization. Not much attention is given to Off-page Optimization despite that it can assist in the success of a website along with the On-page Optimization.

    -Link Building is one of the Off-page Optimization techniques. Through the outside link building, a website is likely to become a success. Link Building can be done through the blog directories, forum signature, commenting, article directories, share content directories, link exchange schemes, social media.

    -The Off-page Optimization can also be done through Social Book Marking.

    Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Audit

    -Search Engine Optimization Audit assists in finding the relevant issues on the website and also provide recommendations. SEO Audit can be regarded as a must for Search Engine Optimization. SEOQUACK is one of the tools which can assist in the Search Engine Optimization Audit. Similarly, there are other tools like SERMUSH and many more. Despite the fact that the era of modernization and information technology has become so advanced and systematic, it is still important to take human intelligence into account since there are certain factors that are better understood with the human mind rather than an intelligent automatic system.

    -With the help of the Search Engine Optimization Audit, it is likely for a particular website to be more user-friendly. There are, however, certain points that are vital to be kept in mind, for example, the ideal character length should be between 45 to 65 characters, 140 to 170 characters should be used for the meta description. It is also recommended to use the tags from H1 to H6, based on the audience preference level the text should be anchored, URL of the website for the same page should be the same, it is also important to choose the correct URL and the keyword density has to be taken into consideration which is usually between 0.5 to 1.

    Online Branding

    Modern techniques have given rise to modern ways of getting a product or service recognized in the era of information technology. Through online branding, a brand or a service is distinguished from the relevant competitors. A brand can be a symbol that highlights the significance of a particular company or service and make it quite renowned for the customers. A brand can also be a name that distinguishes a company from its competitors or it can also be a term that makes it different from its competitors. It can also be a design as well. It is vital for the companies and the services to create a positive brand image in the eyes of the customers since the modern customer belonging to this era of modernization and information technology has a lot of options to choose from. Some companies might even take a lot of years to create a positive image in the minds of the customers which, however, can be ruined by one simple mistake. Thus, it is a must to keep the positive image of a brand alive in the perception and the minds of the customers.

    -Websites are vital for Online Branding as they depict the overall perception of the company in a digital form. The website of a company is likely to give a feel about the performance and professional level of that particular company.

    -Despite that a company is already well known, it is still not easy to have an online presence in some cases. A customer who is a part of the globalized world of information technology can be regarded as a little different from a customer who belongs to the physical world. Physically it is possible to visit a certain shop and feel the product and then make a decision accordingly, however, a customer ordering a product online can only see the image and read the description of that particular product under consideration. So, even if a company is well established in the physical world it needs to take some essential steps in order to have a successful online presence as well. It is important to keep pace with the fast-changing world in order to be successful.

    -The new companies stepping into the world of information technology need to have a strong online presence in order to grab the attention of maximum customers. Without a proper online presence, it is a lot difficult to build a large customer base so first of all, it is important to get an idea about the target audience and understanding their needs, wants, and the desires. It can become a lot easier for a new company to become successful if they are aware of their target audience.

    -The Internet has brought with it various changes, providing the customers with a variety which had never been possible before. A customer searching for a particular product or service can get options from different corners of the world as the internet has made the world a global village. Keeping in view this fact it is important to provide the customers with the utmost level of satisfaction which is possible by getting an idea about the likes and the dislikes of the customers. A modern customer has numerous options and thus there are chances of losing a customer to a competitor if a company does not have a strong online presence.

    Social Media Marketing

    Nowadays almost everyone seems to be on Social Media Platforms making Social Media Marketing common since Social Media Marketing can be regarded simply as the marketing of the product, service, or business through social media. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more that are developing day by day. With the help of social media platforms, companies, organizations, services, and businesses are able to market their products or services in a unique way. People have direct communication with each other and now it is even possible to get directly in contact with a certain company by leaving feedback on their Social Media Platforms. Each of the company or business try to maintain their presence on such platforms in order to keep pace with the fast-changing era of modernization and information technology.

    SEO Friendly Content Writing

    With the help of the Search Engine Optimization Friendly Content, it is possible to grab the attention of a maximum number of customers. A friendly content is likely to give the customers an idea of the professionalism and efficiency level of a particular company.

    -The significance of SEO Friendly Content Writing cannot be denied in this fast-changing era of modernization and information technology. SEO Friendly Content Writing is not an easy job since it takes into account a lot of research and all the relevant methods and steps are to be followed in order to create the perfect content also keeping in view the clients as well as the competitors in mind. Over the years, changes in the SEO Friendly Content Writing can also be observed, for example, previously the articles were needed to be stuffed with a lot of keywords in order to have a topped ranking on the search engine however, now the trend has changed and the articles which are stuffed with the heavy keywords are likely to get a penalty.

    -The content has to be written keeping in view the target audience under consideration. The content written for the target audience should have content which is informational, the content should also be educational, it has to be authentic as well and should add some value. The content should also emotionally connect with the audience as well, the content should be surprising and also should be of high quality.

    Search Engine Marketing

    The Search Engine Marketing abbreviated as SEM in simple terms can be regarded as a process which makes sure that when an individual search for certain information, the website of a particular company, business, or service is surely a part of the search results. There are two ways to do Search Engine Marketing one of which involves the use of Search Engine Optimization and is usually free while the other is paid and is called the Pay Per Click which is paid search marketing.

    SEO Friendly Website Development

    SEO Friendly Website Development is important for the success of a business sense with a properly designed website keeping in view SEO the chances of attracting more traffic increases. However, a lot of companies don’t give much consideration to the significance of an SEO Friendly Website which in turn becomes a lot costly when they eventually have to take the necessary measures in order to have an SEO Friendly developed website. There are certain points which should be kept in mind:

    -The development of a website should be based on SEO in a way that search engine can understand the content and the overall idea of that particular website, all the domains should be directed towards the main domain of the particular website, title and description is vital for each and every page belonging to the website of the company or business, the overall look of the website should be appealing to the eyes and it should also be professional at the very same time, link building should be kept into consideration as it is vital, speed of the domain is also vital, navigation becomes a lot easier with the help of an SEO Friendly website.

    -A team of experts working together for one common goal is likely to build a successful website. The content, web design, and other things are required in order to build a successful website. The team can comprise of Information Architect designer abbreviated as IA, User Interface Designer abbreviated as UI, User Experience Designer abbreviated as UE. The Content specialist designer should have an idea about the HTML. The Quality Assurance tester abbreviated as QA and the Project Manager abbreviated as PM also work for the betterment of the overall website of a company or business.

    Advanced Keyword Search

    Advanced Keyword Search can play a vital role in the success and ranking of the website in the search engine but its popularity is decreasing over the years. It is, however, important to choose the right keywords keeping in view the clients and also the competitors. Despite the keyword selection, it is also very important that the overall content of the website is also informative and eye-catching for the customers as well.

    Click Path Optimization

    Another integral part of Search Engine Optimization is Click Path Optimization. There are various benefits of Click Path Optimization but there are also some disadvantages. The benefit of Click Path Optimization is that it gives an idea about the mindset of the individual, a click path gives an idea whether the relevant information is available on the website or not, it also assists in redesigning of the overall page, the Click Path Optimization also aids in the competition with the competitors.

    The disadvantage of the Click Path Optimization is that it takes into consideration the overall movement followed by the user hence tracking it, a certain path has to be followed because of the Click Path Optimization and can lead to hacking as well. Thus, it is vital that appropriate measures should be taken in order to maintain privacy.

    Image optimization

    The significance of the image in the era of modernization and information technology cannot be denied. The message conveyed by the image can play a vital role since there are chances of attracting a very large customer base.

    The experts have an idea about Image Optimization and they take all the necessary measures to make an image in accordance with the overall website. The image reflects the features of a certain product or service. The customers belonging to the era of information technology cannot actually touch a particular product so the image has to be perfect.

    SEO Backlink

    A webpage being linked to another creates a backlink that should be legal. SEO Backlink can assist in the ranking, it can also assist in Indexing, and also in the referral traffic. There are different terms that are famous for the backlink like Link juice, Anchor link. DO-follow link, No-follow link, Internal link, and the bad link.

    Technical Content Writing

    Technical Content Writing can be regarded as useful from the client’s perspective since the sole purpose of technical content writing is to provide information. There are certain points which are kept in mind for the technical content writing, for example, the loading time is taken into consideration for the technical content writing, URL’s are kept as short, the content has to be mobile-friendly since a lot of people use their smartphones for the web surfing, XML sitemap has also to be taken into consideration. In short, the overall technical content has to be professional and informative for the target audience.

    Why We are the Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh? is one of the best SEO Service Provider companies in Bangladesh. We know the exact things which are very important to promote your website globally within a very short period. Once you get our comprehensive SEO service then you will be back with another SEO project. We always take care of our SEO project very carefully because SEO is a task where hidden your business success all the way! We always follow the Latest Search Engine Technology and Guideline which is very important to rank your business website in the top position on google and others search engines. Some time ensure that your site will be rank within a very short amount of time if you follow the Search Engine proper Guideline. We have strong confidence and serve better SEO service all the time for our valuable clients. So why you worried about your online business promotion? Come to get the better and WORLD CLASS SEO services from us!