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Modern digital marketing scenario aspect we are very much used to see the visualization to grab any things how to do this. In this video section, you can get a better understanding of SEO topics, and easy to learn with satisfaction. That’s the point YouTube is one of the best examples where we can get any kinds of tutorial’s ints and out. In this section, we follow such types of things to provide a better SEO Video Tutorial for you. We especially talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) things in detail with could of video! We hope you will be happy to see all those practical tutorial videos and easy to understand nicely. Here you can see A to Z about SEO stuff step by step.

Short Briefing about SEO


For your betterment, I’m sharing few informative videos which are uploaded on my YouTube channel and link up here. It could be given a more clear idea how to lean SEO properly from my video. I’ve also another point where I’ll share more SEO Video tutorials for our SEO seeker students. This is my duty to share all those things which I’ve grab for my last 16 years. I hope you will be with me and knock me if you need any assistance around SEO and Digital Marketing. Try to visit the full video from start to end then you can understand how to learn SEO!

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:1

Lecture highlights:

-Introductions about Search Engine Optimization.
-Details about Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization.
-What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
-How SEO works in Internet Marketing?
-Why do we learn SEO?
-Why SEO demand increase day by day?
-What is Search Engine?
-How Does Search Engine work?
-How a website promotes by using SEO, SMM. PPC and other methods How a website promote by using SEO, SMM, PPC, and other methods
-What is Search Engine Algorithm?
-What is Robot/Spider and how it’s work?
-Benefits/ Advantages, Importance of SEO.
-When people use a Search Engine?
-How People search on Search Engine?
-What is a Keyword?
-Why SEO needed for a new website to promote globally?
-How SEO impact for a website?
-What is SERP(Search Engine Result Page)?
-What is On-page optimization and how to implement in a website?
-Types of SEO (On-page and Off-page Optimization)
-What is a White hat and Black hat SEO?
-Impact of a White hat and Black hat SEO
-What is Alexa rank
-What is DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority)
-What is Google Update?
-What is the Bounce rate and how to reduce?
-What is a difference between crawling and Indexing?
-What are Do-follow and No-follow link?
-What is Organic SEO VS Paid SEO?

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:2

Lecture highlights:

-Details about on-page optimization
-Basic Concept of SEF (Search Engine Friendly) Website Development
-How to make a website more SEO friendly website
-Example a SEO Friendly Website and how to develop
-What is On page Optimization and how to apply
-Basic HTML Knowledge
-What is Meta tag
-How to Image Optimization (Alt tag)
-What is Anchor tag/ Hyperlink
-How to Title Tag Optimization
-What is Keyword Density and how to apply on the website
-How to write SEO Friendly Article for a website
-Advance SEO Secrecy Tips

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:3A

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:3B

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:4

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:5

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:7

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:8A

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:8B

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:9

Bangla SEO Tutorial Lecture:10

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?:

There are lots of top listed search engines in the world such as Google, the most famous is Google, followed by yahoo, Bing. If someone wants to learn Digital Marketing in Bangla, he may type in “Digital Marketing Tutorial in Bangla” and search Google because he may not know the address on a website that has Digital Marketing Tutorial in Bangla.

Now suppose you have a website that has Digital Marketing tutorial in Bangla. Now by typing “Digital Marketing Tutorial” into Google search, it will be better on the first page of Google if the first link on the first page is your site, then you can be sure that the user who searched for the Digital Marketing tutorial must go to your site. This is one of the sites that showed up first on Google, but despite having many sites, blogs, forums, etc. that have Digital Marketing Tutorial in Bangla, some of the strategies that were implemented on the site that they had seen before were called search engine optimization (SEO).

Now i would like to share lots of SEO tutorial regarding latest SEO technological term which is very much important to do start SEO for your upcoming website. Few of terms is very effective to rank your website once you have done total on-page solution. My suggestion is to make your site more SEO friendly (SEF). Sometime 70% proper on-page optimization bring your website on top position. So during on-page SEO you must need to know all technical tips from me. I said before many times if you would like to build up your SEO expert career then you must be good in English. I’m trying to use very simple English which is very much understandable for you.

Advanced SEO Term:

If you would like to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then you need to know about various topics or terms. Some of the important terms of SEO – Back-links, Outbound Links, Clocking, White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO etc. Below are some important term explanations.

Whats is Back-link

If you have a link to your site on another site, it may be a back-link to your site. This link is the link to your site’s homepage or another page. Back-links are also called incoming links or inbound links. Or you can say it’s a like where people can show your website once you click the hyper link from other’s website or pages.

What is Outbound link

An outbound link is the opposite of a back-link, which means if you link to another site. Outbound link is also called Out going link.

What is White hat SEO

If you do SEO without breaking the search engine guidelines or policies, then such optimization is called White Hat SEO. The most important of these guidelines or policies is to make the website a human, not a useful search engine. Other policies include back-link link popularity, keyword research, link building, etc. White hat SEO is also called Ethical SEO.

What is Black hat SEO

This is contrary to White Hat, meaning that search engine optimization does not comply. Black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, clocking, invisible texts, etc. This is also called Unethical SEO.

What is Keyword Stuffing

It’s part of Black Hat SEO. The keywords that users can type in search are filled with such keywords ie keyword overloading. Often, such keywords are inserted with the hidden attribute in the input tag, so that the text is invisible to the user and the search engine will have to read it. Again the color of the text which is the color of the text so that the user can not see but the search engine. Keyword stuffing is sometimes called Keyword Loading.

What is Link Popularity

This is to determine the value of a site. It is based on the quality inbound link (back-link). Search engines build their algorithms based on Link Popularity to determine where a site will be located on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

The main difference between Quality Back-links and Just Back-links is that Quality Back-links will remain on the same site as your site. For example, if there is a link to on w3schools it will be a quality back-link and if it is on Facebook then it will be just a back-link.

What is Link farm

Link firm is the website of several websites to link to each site. As a result, the back-links of each site increased. If caught, the search engine will make your site count Spamy. Spamming is that the search engine will identify your site as if you have broken the guidelines given to them. If your site gets spammed by search engines, your entire SEO will fail. Spamming your site for a variety of reasons, such as link form, keyword stuffing, doorway pages, cloaking, or straight-talking black hat SEO.

What is Doorway page

This is to create a page where there are very few lines and these lines contain only keywords so the search engine can find a lot of keywords. It increases keywords but does not have much information for users. Going to this page has a link to another page or redirects to another page. These are called entry pages, portal pages, jump pages, bridge pages, etc.

What is Cloaking

It is a technique that shows one type of content to the search engine and another to the user. In this method, when the request for a page on the server goes to the IP address or the user The agent understands whether it is a search engine bot / crawler / spider / scooter or human. When you look at the spider, one kind of page shows the other, and the other the other.

What is Internal Link

This is a link from one page to another on your site. This is very important. For example, if you have a series of tutorials on your site, you will need to link to the previous page with anchor text to go from one page to the next. This will act as a back-link to your site. This increases the page rank. On the Wikipedia site you will see how many links to their site per line.

What is Traffic

The number of visits to a site is the traffic of that site. The traffic of a site is increasing which means that the visitor is increasing.

Title tag
The title tag is very important for a web page. Because search engines use the title tag to find a web site.

Title tag

A title is the name or title of an HTML document. The title tag tells both the user and the search engine that a page is a summary of a page. The title of the web page should be so that it does not match the title of any other page of the site, that is, the title should be unique and accurate.

The title tag’s location in the Search Window

When we see the search result in the browser, the page title is first in line. Below is a picture showing the title tag, meta tag and the location of the web site URL in the Search Window.

If the keyword that the user is searching with the keyword shows in the search results, then the full page title will increase the site traffic.

Title Tag

HTML documents provide titles using the tag. Page titles should always be set in a way that matches the content of the page.

HTML document should not be given very large titles because it causes many unnecessary words to go into the title and if too large title shows some parts of Google, not the whole.
There are 2 things to keep in mind about the title tag –

4) Title tags have a good number between 1 – 5,
2) No other tag can be used between title tags,

The title of the best web page should be short, relevant and informative.

Meta tags

One of the most important tags in SEO is the HTML meta tag. Meta tags provide information about an HTML document to the search engine.

Meta Description

Write a brief description of what’s on the page in the “description” of the meta () tag. It gives Google and all search engines a sense of what’s on this page. You can give this description in 2-3 lines. Google may capture the meta description as a summary of the content of this page. It may be said that because if the keyword that the user searches with directly matches any part of the content of the page, then that part may appear in Google search result.

Meta description

If the user’s keyword is in this summary (in the meta description) it will be bolded as seen in the image above, the text of the user’s “HTML Tutorial in Bangla” is bolded in the search result. This gives the user an indication of how closely the page matches the item he or she is looking for. So describe the meta in such a way that it looks like the user’s search result so that it looks like this page may contain the information I need.

It is best to copy a portion of the content of the page again and not paste it into a meta description, but rather write a small summary on the content of the page.

If the meta description of each page is different, otherwise it will be a problem when the user or search engine will see many pages at once. If you have thousands of pages on your site, it will be difficult to create separate meta descriptions for each page.

Heading tag

We know that HTML document has a total of 5 heading tags from h1 to h6. These tags should be specifically targeted for SEO of a web site.

Follow the order of importance

The text within the heading tag looks a bit larger than the standard text. Follow the order of importance when using the heading tag. That is, the


When writing an article on a web page, it’s important to put the important text in the heading tag. If an article contains a few paragraphs, it is best to have one heading for each paragraph with this heading tag, so that the user and the search engine can make sense of what is written in this paragraph. It would never be okay to give a heading that does not match the paragraph. Headings are recommended to be brief and relevant.

Never put a whole paragraph in the heading tag. It’s not good to use too much headings on one page. If there are 3 lines on a page, it should never be allowed to have 5/12 lines. Such extra headings will never produce good results.

Link structure

The URL or link to a site is one of the key considerations for SEO. Make the URL or links of the site relevant to the topic.

The correct link structure

Create a link in a way that is very easy and understandable. This allows both the search engine and the user to read and understand. It’s not okay to use an ID or a misleading word or parameter in the URL. Add words that do not use an ID or an unreasonable parameter URL to make a sense of the content of a web page. In the search result, the URL shows the space between the title and the meta data. Avoid using session IDs or unnecessary parameters at URLs.

Link structure carefully

An important thing is to keep only one URL for each page or content. If there is more than one URL on the same page, then the search engine thinks of it as a separate page, so Google Page Ranking does.

If a web site has a few URLs on a page, that redirect is a method by which all URLs can be redirected to a preferred URL. This method can be done with the htaccess file. That’s why this code can be changed by writing code to this htsccess file on the Apache server.

This can be done by using the canonical URL in addition to the redirect method.

The use of capitalization in URLs is a bad thing to do when you have decorative small caps together, and it’s not Search Engine Friendly.

On the site

One of the main attractions of any web site is navigation. However, it is important not to be complicated.

It’s best to create home page or native page based navigation. The user can go from the home page to all the pages of the web site and he should understand what page he is on now. The breadcrumb method can be used for this.

Caution in JavaScript flush or drop down menus

Many search engines, including Google Search Engine, are disturbed if Navigation comes with a JavaScript flush or drop-down menu.

Even many Search Engines can’t crawl those web sites. So if you have JavaScript flush or drop-down menu on navigation then keep that in mind.

Anchor text is a clickable text that the user sees and clicks on which the user can navigate to a new page.

Anchor text writing rules

This anchor tag contains the anchor text itself. The rule for writing anchor text is –


Image is one of the most widely used content on web pages. At present, some images are used on all web sites and pages.

alt attribute

If you give a picture on the web site, you must use the alt attribute to describe the image. If for some reason the image is not loaded or delayed then the alt attribute’s text will be displayed in the image area. This alt text anchor works as a link when using an image as a link.

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