SEO Expert in Bangladesh, SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh

-How became a SEO professional?

Why I became a SEO professional? It was really a very interesting and challenging story in my life. I’ve seen a job circular in our country, famous online Job portal, a USA based SEO service provider company who would like to hire some SEO expert. It may be 2003/4. I was very much interested to participate in such a great opportunity. Finally applied to the job and they called me to attend the interview session, but I had not vast and real life SEO experience around SEO sector. I hope lots of IT guys were not familiar about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but I tried to sort out few basic things from google search regarding entire SEO. I got some idea and asked few of my friends about SEO and other relevant things.I was not fully prepared for the interview but anyhow I need to know what they ask during interview session. During interview session the USA guy asked many things and I was not able to understand what he was asking?? But I shared few things which is the basic level and that guy was little bit interested but did not select me.

After few days they knock me again and told, we will give you a chance to face the final interview, if you are able to show your knowledge about SEO then we will try to hire you. But in that interview I failed… I was very disappointed, why I was not able to show my expertise? After that I started self improvement and surfing internet and spending 10/12 hours in a day and how to improve my knowledge and skill shortly. It was my starting journey and still now I’m on board! Every day I’m learning new things and trying to implement all those things in my SEO projects and able to drive the rank as per client requirements. Day by day I’m learning few good and effective techniques which is very important to build up a SEO professional career. I am not saying that I know everything regarding SEO, I’m a student of Digital Internet world and I am still learning. Each and every month every search engine updates, changes, filtering strategy and algorithm. So if you would like to proof that you are in the right track then you must need to be keep updated frequently. Lots of hidden things which i’ll share later….

-My others expertise?

One thing i already forget to share that i’m a good coder. I know very well about VB6, ASP, MS SQL, PHP, MySql, Oracle, SQL, PL SQL, Jave, HTML, CSS, DHTML, Ajex, JAVA Script, C++, WordPress, Joomla, MVC and many more things. Once i developed Many software, Web Application, Also vast knowledge about Object Oriented Programming Concept. I did job near about 10 yeas in Local and World famous Multinational company with good reputation too. I’m always try to develop any website, even this site has been developed by me. Not only development i know about WEB HOST MANAGER (WHM), Little bit idea about Local Area Network (LAN) and able to setup a small work station. I know how to develop a website more SEO friendly.

-Why i choose the name

At the very beginning it was a website development services website, but not able to reach up to the mark and again failed because I was not getting any call from the clients because the website was not in a good shape and position, responsive and good rank on google and others search engine. Lastly I decided to rank this website for the keyword SEO service provider in Bangladesh and started to work for it and spending thousands of hours to rank. It was my first target and preference, I must have to rank this website locally/Internationally, only then the people will try to know me and knock me to get SEO services. Yes, it happened after six to nine months of continuous hard work. Now I would like to share why I use this name? because at the very beginning, I did not got any success and did not wanted to buy a new domain, actually I had some money problem to buy a new domain and hosting in risk again.

I bought this some long before but unable to renew because of I don’t have enough interest and money to do again, so the domain had expired. After couple of months I got a website development task and got some handsome money and again purchase the same domain and started working hard because it was my last chance, if I’m not able to rank this time then I’ll never renew this domain for the next year. One thing need to mention some time, 9.99 USD was big deal for me, because that time I fought with my real life and was facing many crisis which I could not share with you! Anyway lastly I was able to renew domain and try to build up my career day by day, still now i’m a student of SEO industry. One things need to share honestly nothing comes easily in the world you need to fight every time to sustain!!

-How I feel now a days?

After getting lots of keywords ranking I was impressed and able to sustain in this virtual world and working with new clients. In the meanwhile I’ve done many local and international SEO jobs successfully and they are continuing with me on long term basis. I’m always trying to provide better SEO services, whether it’s local or international, my preference is the ranking factor not money. Sometimes I’m trying to put my best effort for small project as well for big one. Now a days getting lots of idea regarding how to optimize a website. In the early stage of SEO, it was very challenging, if you want to build your carrier in the SEO sector but now a days thousands of SEO professionals are doing good job all over the world. I hope SEO is one of the top priority and trustworthy sector because we SEO guys are able to make your business more meaningful!

There are hundreds of success story in my life around SEO who are giving me time and support as per website requirements! Each and every day i’m try to express my expertise all over the world and able to rank few website in #1 position on google and bing as per client requirements, even those website existing on the top position on SERP. SEO is a sector where is many challenges all the way because client always like to rank his website with short time. Some time they don’t want to wait 3/4 months to rank, after getting SEO service client pressurize why my site not ranking within 10-20 days? I’m always facing such type of bad things from newbie client who has no idea that SEO is a continuous process, so they need to wait till ranking! Seems like SEO guy can do any things and have connection to different Search Engine!!

-What type of experience i gather form clients?

Most of the clients are knocking me who are getting good and bitter experience from other SEO professional. They said many things which i don’t like to share in my blog. But most of the Bangladeshi SEO professional doing very good job and have done many local and international SEO jobs. Thousand of SEO experts working on different freelancing platform and doing good frequently. When i started SEO job I got few good clients who are very much knowledgeable about SEO but they don’t have any time to work, they just hire me for sub-contract. I got few are paying good amount and other hand few of them not paying good amount. Actually it’s depends on clients nature. In the meanwhile I’ve done many Local and International SEO from all over the world but market seems like very much competitive.

-Who are the best SEO service provider?

Really this is important to know who are best SEO service provider? In my opinion who has vast and latest Search Engine Algorithms idea and able to rank a website organically within very short period they are the best. It’s very tough to define who are best? One things you need to know a real SEO guy will never talk more he/she would like to prove his expertise in work. Now a days lots of SEO tutorial and effective guideline you can get from online surfing, so it’s very easy to make your career shortly. When i started SEO there was no one who can help me because it was new trend and don’t get enough resource! But now days you will get thousand of SEO tutorial site and video which is very much helpful to learn SEO. I’m always suggesting if you would like to sustain in this sector you must study at list 4/5 hours per day to keep update.

-Why SEO should be needed to boost up your website ranking?

Million of website existing on the virtual world but few of them are in good shape, large volume of remaining website has not good rank on specific keywords. So they need to go for organic SEO service, because only organic SEO can ensure that your website rank will sustain for the long term. There are thousands of reference or success story after getting SEO services! No worries about your website rank, just hire a SEO consultant for your business website, but one things you need to remember before hire you need to see some evidence or past work experience which he/she has done before.

-Now a days I’m getting such a mail from out side?


Hope you are doing well,

We have examined your website, and see you have a good design and it looks great.
But it was not ranked on any search Engine’s for most of the keywords.

We have not found your website on starting pages; I can help you do better on your
ranking for all search engines if you can give us permission.

We are the best online marketing service provider with given proven result. We also
offer the most competitive rates for this service.

Let me know if you are interested and we will send our monthly plan and price quote.

Kind Regards
Some One

Getting Another Mail Marketing email


I am ….., Marketing Manager.

We have a “SEO Package Discount offer ‘’going for the following package: –

Monthly Task and responsibilities: – Package For 30 Keywords:-

1. 30 Search Engine Submissions

2. 300 Manually Directory Submissions

3. 70 Article Submissions (1 Articles Submit in 30 Top Directories)

4. 10 Press Release Distributions (1 Press Release submit in 10 Sites)

5. 5 Web2.0/Blog postings (Using pre-written articles)

6. 30 Social Book marking Submissions

7. 5 Forum postings

8. 3 Unique Article writing (400+ words)

9. 1 Press Release writing (350+ words)

10. Keywords Mapping

11. New pages suggestions

12. Keywords research1

13. Competitor Analysis

14. Title Tag changes suggestions

15. Meta tags changes suggestions

16. Alt tag changes suggestions

17. HTML Site Map

18. XML site map setup

19. Anchor text optimization

20. Google webmaster setup

21. Google analytics setup

22. Fortnightly Ranking Report

23. Fortnightly Full Detailed SEO Work Report in Excel

we use only white hat SEO techniques for each website: –

If you would like more details about our SEO Package Discount offer or would like to
ask me anything regarding this matter then feel free to write me an email.

Please let us know in case you are interested.

Thanks & Regards,
Some One

-My Observation around this

Some people doing spamming email marketing all over the world. Even they don’t know where they are sending email. At first they need to know if some one report against his company then it will be very bad things for him. So be careful about email and spamming. I would like to say few things for them please stop doing this to enhance your online business, try to do some things which will carry better opportunities and make your business more meaningful. From now start ranking your website, no need to spamming email marketing. Once your business website able to rank on top listed Search Engine client will knocking you frequently!

-What I’m thinking SEO is part of Marketing?

There is no doubt that SEO is one the important and effective part of Online Marketing. In my 14/15 years on expertise and observation SEO can enhance and increase your sales and carry your brand management as well. Once upon a time when Internet world were is existing, people doing traditional marketing to sales and try to make more revenue, some time they offer discount which is still presence in our business sector. When business depends on online based people would like to express there service all over the world and it’s very easy to share your service what ever it’s goods or services. Actually SEO is the process to enhance your online business locally and globally within very short period.

-How can you will success as a SEO professional?

Not only SEO, if you like to make your career as a professional in any industry, dedication and destination should be constructive. Don’t be upset during your journey, one things you need to know every journey has a ending destination! Just study whole day and night, I’m suggesting to you always follow the world famous SEO professional tips, you can get millions of valuable information if you want to be a SEO expert. The door is open, just concentrate your mind on SEO. Find the better solutions and note down in your Google docs. I believe you must success after couple of months!

-Case study for a failed SEO project?

I don’t like to share this client name and his website, but try to share few things which i learned from this client. It was a Europe based website and once upon a time they started SEO from his country and got the better result, but unfortunately someone telling them to hire others SEO specialist from 3rd world country for cost minimization. Client was influenced and agreed, they also doing SEO nicely. After couple of year someone suggested to find out other SEO professional to cost minimization again. But this time after hire SEO expert, site rank fall down dramatically and client was very much disappointing because already they spent huge budget but not getting the satisfactory result yet. In that time someone able to discover me behalf of them and hired me and told many good and bad impacts around his last 2/3 years past history according SEO experience.

This time i was very much serious and started SEO hardly and pay more concentration than others website, this time i’m able to show their website has been ranked dramatically. I did 27 days work and able to huge rank improvement regarding on-page and off-page optimization. But unfortunately one morning i got a call/ email from SEO client that they don’t like to continue SEO anymore, going to hire a new SEO agency who are able to rank 1 DAY…hahaah. I was surprised, really surprised!! how come! last night i sent them a SEO report and keywords position in google that the site is improving than previous day. I shared our entire task very smoothly and they was happy for our effort too. I hope “someone” so called someone which i mentioned many time in my article, may be may not but i suspect that someone is creating this problem. Anyway i don’t mind and tense about this things because i just wrote an email to client.

Hello Dear,

Thanks for such a mail. If client decided they will hire another SEO
agency, i’ve no problem because client has right to hire any one.

But they don’t gave me enough time to rank, in the meanwhile site has been
ranked for the few keywords which i shared all of them last night. I think
site rank will be jumped for the next couple of months and the credit will
goes to new SEO agency.

My Opinion:

Some time client influenced by someone, but they have to judge who are the better SEO service provider. Need to see at list 20/30 previous work experience and rank report or they can talk with previous client who’s website get the better rank.

Anyway “I never lose, either i win or learn!”

-New plan for new things?

Last couple of months i’m thanking few new things which will be new challenges for me and able to lean tones of good things, actually we people are learning every day in many ways. Knowledge has no limitation, so today i would like to express my involvements around Affiliate Industries.Now a days thousands of people are doing Affiliate Marketing from different Affiliate Platform and earning handsome amount. In this industry thousands of SEO and Affiliate marketer working and able to earn satisfactory amount. Some time people are saying some people earning 10/15/20K USD per month and buying flat, car, land, and Hi FI life leading and traveling all over the world. Actually it’s a time to show your own expertise and gather exact knowledge within very short period. I hope if you want then it’s possible but you need to follow the exact rules and guideline then you must be win in any industry. I’ve few idea about affiliate marketing, but need to apply perfectly to make money quickly. One things i would like to illustrate SEO is a basement of any Internet Marketing. If you would like to rank your website on top listed Search Engine you must need to know the basic things regarding SEO. SEO is not a rocket science but if you work hard it’s 3/4 month task to know all those things quickly.

-Getting good and bitter experience from local and international clients ?

In a sense you can’t get any things easily, behind on this lots of sorrow, good and bitter experience is involved. Now a days I’m getting few outstanding appreciation from outside when able to meet the clients requirements as well. But few cases is totally different because many client has many test, after getting good result the are not happy and don’t like to say any good things about our task which we have done very smoothly. their expectation increase and telling why my website will not rank for all keywords in first position.