Terms Conditions

Terms & Conditions

As per company policy, we would like to share all those Services Terms and Conditions which are very much strictly maintain on behalf of Web For Solution Ltd.

  1. MrFaruque will start to work once get the work order and 60% advance payment and the rest of the 40% during delivery of the entire project ever website, software, apps, and e-commerce solutions excluding Hosting services. Website development, e-commerce, mobile apps, software development, graphics design as well as all services which are mentioned on our website.
  2.  Clients need to provide the requirements within 10 working days to start the work. The client must provide all those requirements at a time on a written based otherwise we will never be liable and no more additional parts will be added for the next time.
  3. For website, e-commerce website must be delivered within 20-30 working days. Once the project is done clients need to clear all dues within the next 5 working days to finally deliver the project from us.
  4. If the client adds a new layout or redevelopment after development Web For Solution Ltd. never does this as per company policy.
  5. If any module or function is needed then the client need to pay the extra work but it should be negotiable.
  6. Advance payment is not refundable if the client is unable to provide the information which is needed.
  7. During the proposal from Web For Solution Ltd. client must need to read all those Terms and Conditions and then sign the proposal otherwise client never claim to Web For Solution Ltd.
  8. In case any difficulty arises from the client then must need to sit and fix the problem within 20 working days once the work order is signed by the client.
  9. We only accept the work order once the client read all the terms and conditions which we mention above.
  10. If any client would like to purchase a domain and hosting from us we will use our company email because sometimes domain companies save our card information and we won’t be looser around this matter. If the client would like to transfer the domain we will help them to shift but no other vendor will interrupt during this process. Once we shift the domain then Mrfaruque will never be liable for this domain if the domain control panel is locked from his/her end. So after shifting the domain client need to ensure and complain within 3 working days otherwise no excuse will acceptable.
  11. After Development, a website client will get support for 3-6 months. After this period web for solution ltd. never provide the support, if needed clients need to pay the services charge but it will be negotiable.
  12. If any additional part will be added in the future client need to pay the extra amount but it should be negotiable
  13. Mrfaruque has the right to terminate any services if the client is involved in cybercrime, forcing, and illegal activities.
  14. Web For Solution has to right to take the necessary legal action if any client threat any of our employ’s board members as per the ICT act law in Bangladesh.
  15. Before taking our services clients must need to read all those service terms and conditions carefully and try to obey the entire rules on behalf of him/herself.


Mrfaruque Legal Department.

Date: 20-2-2009